There is a better life at/after 40

reymos1Life begins at 40′ – a common phrase for people like us!

Frankly, when my 40th b-day held last Dec 14, this phrase stuck to my mind. does this old saying is relevant to me? well, i will re-phrase this- ‘ there is a better life at/after 40!

A flashback of my life! there was a new life on the 14th day of dec 1965! a new beginning for a child who was loved by his parents and grandparents ( even now i suppose). so many years passed, he was able to enjoy life for 39 years – years of trials, patience and determination; and full of hopes and dreams… i had a wonderful childhood… growing up both with my parents and my grandparents. i was lucky to experienced both – the two faces of love!

Having a simple life in a big family of 10 was not easy… it was simple but full of hardships. truly enough, my parents were able to raise me and my siblings as responsible human beings…

Through the years ( as kenny rogers’ song refrain) i was able to reached my dreams and inspirations – my priorities in life! LIFE is sooo good for me, and i think God is the reason for all these wonderful things happening to my life…quickly, i was able to work both in government and private companies, worked as a volunteer, being a manager of my own company, a lecturer in state universities, inspired young minds to pursue higher education, to comfort lonely hearts (hehehehe), law-abiding driver, a janitor in a big shopping mall, a friendly housemate, a taxpaper(hehehehe, again)… and visited more than 20 major cities around the world!

Well, there is one missing item that i want to achieve from now – to bring good things to my hometown… something that young people and adults will enjoy. i initially thought of the concept plan for this lifetime project.

Reaching the age of 40 is full of encouragement – to do things more meaningful not only for myself satisfaction but for people whom i care! i still love to do my sketching, writing poems, play badminton, swim, my photography and reading pocketbooks, do personalised greeting cards, watching movies and plays… and sing (hahaha)!

I’m still single – not married and no children but i have a big family! Singleblessedness is an achievement ( i believe); and there are so much wonderful things/opportunities for being single! i am very happy person, so much energy to move on with my simple life… more mountains to climb, more seas to swim, more stars to count, and most of all to be more generous to others!

~ by reymos on December 30, 2005.

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