Footloose…the musical

footlooseFor the second time around… i watched it in Manila last year and last week here in Belfast!

I watched it last August 2005 in Meralco Theater with my lady friend. it was my fourth experience in watching musical after Lea Salonga’s ‘they are playing our songs’ in Camp Aguinaldo years ago.

I loved ‘footloose’ very much… maybe because the lead character shown some of my traits … a happy-go-lucky person, adventurous, with full of determination to do things worth pursuing, and love to dance!

The second time gave me the chance to have another closer look of the different characters and how each one of them act to make the production interesting, dynamic and lively…the orchestra made the musical more breathtaking and made every song wonderful to hear as you feel you are part of the cast singing on stage!

Footloose is about our failures and successes in life. these are the keys to make our lives interesting and meaningful. failures make us strong to move on and be more confident to face another hurdle and use it to achieve a higher level of living; while successes give us the adrenalin to continue with our dreams and share whatever rewards from it to other people…

Footloose is about our past, present and the future… the past is the shadow of what we are now, the present is the reflection of our hopes and dreams; and the future is the culmination of the past and the present…

NOTE: For more updates of my fav musicals and live performances, CLICK HERE!

~ by reymos on March 1, 2006.

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