Miss Saigon… the best musical production ever

MissSaigonWatching this musical for the 3rd time is worth sharing – from downtown Newyork to the Cultural Center of the Philippines  (Manila) and now in the Opera House of Belfast (Northern Ireland)…

Watching the musical for the 3rd time is making an affirmation that i am really proud to be a Filipino. Truly indeed Pinoys are talented people with international caliber in the music scene. Watching our local talents (in lead roles) at the opera house of belfast northern Ireland was awesome. I was only the Filipino who watched it on that night!

The first time I watched Miss Saigon was in 1997 during my short business visit in the US. Luckily, my friend was able to buy two front row tickets. It was really a wonderful experience to watched it in broadway and got the chance to witness the musical that made Lea Salonga an international star. Lea was not playing Kim when I watched it, so when the Cameron production decided to bring it to Manila , I did not hesitate to buy two tickets for myself and my Auntie (Malou) on the second week of the run!

Overall, I liked the production in CCP (Philipines) compared it in New York and in Belfast, except that life-size helicopter was used in Broadway! The orchestra in the Opera House was more clearer and louder which gave you the feeling of not only watching it but being part of the musical.

On the downside, however, the musical reminded me of Pinoys who desperately wanted to visit the US. Having the difficulties of securing the visa, our kababayan are pushing themselves to the fullest despite of several denials, and so determined to do whatever they can just to get visa approval to visit the US or even in the UK and Europe or Canada.

I don’t blame them in leaving the country, however, we have to understand that we have to protect our citizenship, and whatever opportunities that will come along our way, we should not attempt to do things that will affect the reputation of our country. In spite of our recognition as talented people, we have also the reputation of being illegitimate residents around the world!

That is why, i will always maintain my travel documents in good standing, not even thinking of becoming a ‘TNT (tago ng tago) in one of the cities I visited especially in the US. Having that, it is easy for me to apply for visas anywhere in the world! It is also a good feeling to get remarks from the immigration officers for being a frequent flyer!

The video below is the life changing audition of Lea Salonga in Manila. She was really confident and innocent!

For more musicals and plays that I watched in the past, please click the link: HERE

~ by reymos on July 7, 2006.

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