FLASH UPDATES: New York Institute for Photography International Contest

17/11/2007). I got the results and unluckily my entry was not one of the final winners. Nevertheless, I am happy to be in the top 100 and hopefully join again next year! For the the winning entries, visit this link: Winners 2007 NYIP. An entry from a Filipino, Ronald Aguilar made it to the top 5 place in the Pets and Wildlife category with his winning image of the cutest animal found in Bohol, Tarsier!  I voted for him as well.


17/09/2007) Well, thank you very much for the votes. My B&W photo of the Giant’s Causeway is in the top 100 entries for the first category. The final winners will be announced next month. Again, thanks for the support and I am very happy that you had the time to cast your votes despite the short notice.

Did you experience joining a contest or let say a photo contest? Well, I did and my photos can be viewed on-line at the NYIP website. I will take this opportunity to invite you to view the images and if you think these images are worth enough to be in the top 100 entries, then dont wait, please cast your vote by clicking the photos below.

Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland 460463123_89cc135f4a.jpg 215324271-vi.jpg

Voting ends on Saturday, Sept 15, 2007. Thank you for your support and I will be happy to give you updates on this regard. And please dont forget to leave a comment below the photos.

~ by reymos on September 12, 2007.

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