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Welcome to my Eworld!

I am a kind of person who really explore and look for other alternatives to promote my websites and do networking, indirectly earning extra money. Alot of these free servers are available in the internet and it is only a matter of discovering them.

For example which I normally used for daily emails. Ive been with yahoo since 1998 and during that time , the site does not have a dedicated page for blogging. Recently, I discovered that yahoo has its own link called Yahoo!360 degrees which allows everyone to create their own profile – where you can write daily journals, share photos and videos and of course networking with the rest of bloggers around the world. It was easy to organise my yahoo360 blog which I called, Ang Aking Simpleng Buhay (My Simple Life).

You will be surprised that all my entries are written in Filipino (Pilipino or Tagalog) which is my first time to do it. I think having this blog, it is a challenge for me to maintain it and solely for my mother tongue.  It is indeeed a difficult task to write in my national language but it is a rewarding experience in the long term. Well, I was once the best in this subject when I was in my second year high school.

Finally, the MSN Windows Live website thru my Hotmail account. I found out that hotmail is quite popular in the UK compare to yahoo especially for students. I dont know why! Im guessing here – maybe it is because of its linkage to Microsoft Corp and majority of MS software are installed in every PC. Personal experience, Hotmail is not popular for being not a user friendly and having a limited storage capacity. But few months ago, MSN changed dramatically – from the screen window to higher storage capacity of 2 GB. Despite these improvements, still it cant beat yahoo versatility in terms of messenging and blogging. However, MSN Live offers an easy management of the account and one that interests me is the slide presentation of photos!

Ok folks, try to visit my latest blog at My Simple Espace – The best place to escape.

Hope you enjoy browsing them and I really encourage you to explore them and have it a go to have one!


~ by reymos on September 25, 2007.

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