I won the TravelPod video contest!


Two weeks ago, I joined this on-line travel site called TravelPod and I posted photos taken during my recent travel in London. While browsing the site, I found out that it has an on-going competition for members to submit a 10-second video that contains a bday greeting or message for the site 10th year celebration. Since recently, I am also exploring my Sony camera video function, I had it a go.

I gathered all the props – cake, candles, bottle of wine, cards, banner and set-up them in a sofa! I lighted the 10 candles and then started filming it. I did not take several minutes to capture the scene and did more than 5 clips with different angles and movement. Using the Microsoft Movie Maker in my Sony Viao notebook, I edited the film and put some texts on it and other special effects to make it more entertaining and snappy. Finally, I downloaded a free tune from the web and have it as a background to the clip.

It was a tough work for having a running time of 10 seconds. Finally, I completed and sent it to TravelPod before the deadline ended on Sept 30, 2007. Today, I got an email from the site, informing me that I am the lucky winner of the contest and will receive the new edition of iPod Nano! Wow, I am very happy to hear that… It is indeed a pre Xmas and bday presence for me…!

It was funny coz my friends were quite puzzled why I have to buy a bday cake and with 10 candles!!! I told them that a close friend of mine is having a bday celebration and I cant attend the party, and so the video will be sent to the celebrant! And they asked me again why 10 candles and I immediately replied that my friend is a 10 yr old boy! I dont want to tell them the truth because if I win, it will be a surprised news for them and they will be the first to hear the good news, which I did  and they were laughing out loud coz of my alibi.

Anyway, this is the link of the video and I hope you have time to watch it, The Winner. It takes awhile to upload it but it is worthy to wait and see what Ive done! If you still have time, please visit my profile as well at Digitalexplorer. You can try this link, The Winner if you having difficulty from the first link above.

Finally, below is the 10-second clip of my winning entry for the 10th TravelPod Anniversary!

~ by reymos on October 3, 2007.

3 Responses to “I won the TravelPod video contest!”

  1. (An email informing me of my winning video!).

    Congratulations! Your “Happy Birthday TravelPod” video has been chosen as the winner! You are the lucky recipient of a brand new iPod Nano! Your video met all of the criteria and was unique enough to win the big prize! Your video will be posted on the main page of http://www.travelpod.com for everyone to see it, and let it bask in all its glory!

    If you could forward your full name and address to me, I will be more then happy to send you your brand new iPod Nano as soon as possible! Also, if you have a color preference, I will be more then happy to accommodate that request if that color is available. I recommend you rank your color preferences, that way I can get you the one that’s highest on your list in stock.

    Ryan and the TravelPod Team

  2. (An update of my iPod Nano as the prize of winning the competition. I am excited to have it next week! Watch out for the images.)

    Good news and bad news. Good news- your iPod is in the mail, and should arrive in 6 business days (It is a holiday in Canada on Monday, so that might put it back a day). The bad news is I could not accommodate your color preference. The 4 GB iPod (which is what you are receiving) is only available in silver. I apologize for that.

    I hope you enjoy your new toy!

    Ryan and the TravelPod Team

  3. I finally received my ipod nano…unfortunatley, I have to pay for the import tax of £35 even it was declared as a gift. Travelpod also declared the original price including the postage cost which amounted to 230 Canadian dollars, approx £110! I loved it and it is very small and handy…

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