Save Sibuyan Island & Mt Guiting-guiting from mining!


I dont know how to start my journal about this bad news from my hometown. When I got the news from a close friend (who happened to work with WWF and she was assigned to Sibuyan) two days ago, I was so depressed and the whole day I contacted my Friendster kababayans to find out the latest development. It was a tragic accident and no one wanted to happen that way!

Anyway, I took it positively and came up with a plan – creating a massive information campaign in my yahoogroups membership – from my photo clubs to my professional associations.  For the whole day, I sent emails to my colleagues back home, created a Flickr group dedicated to Sibuyan Island and Mt Guiting-guiting, and contacted several people who visited the island for the past years and asked them to post their images to Flickr group photo pool. It was a tiring day for a noble cause, I believe!

With a massive browsing in the internet, Im fascinated with relevant information written about my hometown which I dont know that these links exist. It is indeed an awakening endeavour, realising that the island has something big to offer to the Philippines and to the whole world which these opportunist groups/individuals  in the Arroyo government just ignored it.

I dont want sympathy from my readers, but please read my open letter posted in my Friendster’s blog. Please follow the link below:

Save Sibuyan Island from Mining Activity: An Open Letter

For people who had the chance to visit my hometown and had a life-changing climb experience in the scissor-bladed peaks of Mt. Guiting-guiting, please share your images taken during those visits, please upload your photos to:

Sibuyan Island & Mt guiting-guiting’s Treasures

This is the first part of my journal about the mining operation in Sibuyan Island. Subsequently I will feature some of the weblinks of people who had the opportunity to explore the beautiful landscape of the island – a place where the cool breeze, crystal clear water and a virgin forest meet!

Note: The photo was taken from Erick in SF Flickr profile account. The name of the flower is Nephentes Sibuyanensis and this is only found in Sibuyan Island! For the taxonomy of this flower, follow this link: Taxonomy of Nephentes Sibuyanensis

~ by reymos on October 6, 2007.

18 Responses to “Save Sibuyan Island & Mt Guiting-guiting from mining!”

  1. Hi Reymos… from SF ako. Grabe nga ang nangyayari sa Sibuyan now. We support SAM, sa lahat ng gawain nila.

  2. na-add na pala kita sa link ko.. 🙂

  3. Very nice entry and pictures. It’s good to see that you have opted to be positive about the tragic incident last week. However, your readers might want to read up on the latest news about your hometown, Sibuyan Island. Here’s the link for an Inquirer article:

    and here’s a more detailed article about what happened to Councilor Armin Marin:

    I would like to express my deepest condolences to the loved ones of Councilor Armin Marin.

    Very sad news indeed! Nalungkot talaga ako noong nabasa ko ‘to.
    Iilan na nga lang ang mga tunay na dedikadong opisyal sa gobyerno, binabaril pa. Sana mabago na ang ganitong sistema. Panahon na para manaig ang katarungan at katotohanan. We demand justice for Councilor Armin Marin.

  4. (An email sent to me thru my flickr account)

    Re: Sibuyan Island photos

    Hi Rey,

    I am a PhD student as well, in Environmental & Plant Biology, and I was in the Philippines on a Fulbright as part of my dissertation research, looking for a group of trees. I enjoyed my trip to Sibuyan, though it was very expensive and it rained the whole day we climbed Mt. Guiting-Guiting in May. The forest on the mountain is clearly not virgin forest and has been logged, but I was impressed by the diversity that is still there, and I loved the mangroves that protect Sibuyan’s coast. You are welcome to use my Sibuyan photos if you give me credit for them. I am certainly not in favor of mining in any areas that are rich in biodiversity.

    Sincerely, Melanie Schori

  5. (another email from my photo club.)
    thank you for the email. personally, i am supporting your advocacy. however, the clubs may not all be concerned with your sibuyan advocacy. just tell me how in my personal way can i help your group. i had a chance to go to your place years ago, and i saw the long line of mangroves along the way…very beautiful. perhaps one day we may go again as a group..who knows..regards from lito beltran

  6. (And another one from a close friend of mine!)
    Hi rey:

    The PhilDHRAA, an ngo where i once sat as member of the Board of Trustees, is very much involved with the SAM. In fact, the national coordinator, Mr. Garganera is directly identified as lead person particularly on condemning the killing of SAM activitst Councilor Marin. I am sure with some speeches already made in Congress and statemens issued by both Senators Loren Legarda and Kiko Pangilinan, the matter is already in the minds of concerned government officials. Since former Manila Mayor LIto Atienza is now DENR Secretary, will try to reach out to him, my office ULAP, will endorse his appointment to the Commission on Appointments. Sige, will keep you posted. Kailangan isama mo ako sa magandang isla ng Sibuyan when you finally get home. Kelan ba uwi mo? Del

  7. (An email from my junior colleague in AIT)
    Hi Reymos, you should coordinate with Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources on this. See http://www.haribon. This one’s definitely anti-mining. Minks

  8. (An email from a colleague in Manila)
    Dear Rey,
    Yes, many NGOs are against Mining (per se). Haribon can be one, and definitely Dr. Galang of the Miriam College is another one.
    I will forward your concern to Bebet Gozun, former DENR secretary, and she has been communicating with many stakeholders.

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  10. Im from Magdiwang and i reside now in TexAs,USA but eventually retire in magdiwang sad to know that this thing happening in a very small town ,we are against with these ,i hope the gov. will do something to make these stop from happening.Jeanne Romion

  11. hi ako si marifel dito ako sa Germany.taga jao-asan ko.ang pinag tataka ko lang bakit hinayaan ng mga mayor na mag magpirma or mag bigay ng permiso sa mga ng mamamining.baka binayaran din yan para magbigay sila ng permiso.hindi nila iniisip ang mga apo nila.hoy mga mayor.ang pera dumadating at nawawala rin.wag nyong isipin ang sarili nyo.kawawa naman ang mga taga sibuyanon busongon gid kamo.kay st.nenio

  12. Oh! Great job!
    Very interesting and helpful post.
    I add your interesting blog in my iGoogle page!
    We’ll expect many new interesting posts from you 😉

  13. pls. give us some info about mt. giting-giting.

    I’m rick, and i am a UP-LKM member; an alternative mountaineering group in UP. i am organising a climb on giting-giting this may. pls. send me some info that would help me in formalizing or conceptualizing our IT.

    As an alternative mountaineering group, we have some network which will also help you advocate your plea about mining activities on mt. giting-giting.

    hope to hear from you soon..

    best regards,

    BTW, my e-mail add is :

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  15. For those greedy individuals like JOSE (Sogoy) TORNEA harbouring TOP ROCK Resources in Brgy, ESPANA him and his family must be evicted from SIBUYAN ISLAND so never will be any sibuyanon be an instrument of evil mining and destruction of the island. Mayor Nicasio Ramos and brother Provincial Councilor Ramos same with husband and mayor Nannette Borda Tansingco they too should suffer keep them off from the island they dont have any reason to live there, nevertheless enjoy the beauty of her nature can give.

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  17. […] hometown, Sibuyan Island (Romblon) for any future mining and industrial activities. You can READ MORE stories about Sibuyan Island – where the sun, sand and fresh air meet every day!    […]

  18. Wow…it’ s so very beautifull

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