Bag for life…every little helps from TESCO

I love shopping and everyone does!

Every week I buy my groceries,including magazines and office supplies from TESCO. Since this is a regular routine I applied for its Club card membership which every shopper gets vouchers for every pound (£) being spent. The vouchers do not have a cash redemption value, but these are exchanged for goods and services  (excluding on-line) as equivalent to the face value printed on it.

Aside from the vouchers, every shopper has given coupons to gain extra points as addiitonal bonus points from the purchases. One of the coupons is the free ‘green’ plastic bag – the Bag for Life! Using it will also accumulate extra ‘green clubcard points.

TESCO’s green bag is a simple initiative from a retail industry that every shopper will benefit from using it. It reduces the massive disposal of plastic bags from the store. The bag is thick and strong enough to hold goods more than twice the weight of the regular/old plastic bag can contain, which means a ratio between 1:2 and 1:2.5. It can be purchased at 10p and can be exchanged if it is already worn-out for free.

It is really a substantial saving on the part of TESCO and it becomes more manageable for shoppers to re-use the green bag compare to the thin plastic bags that most of the time it cant be re-use anymore.

Aside from this green bag initiative, TESCO is also encouraging shoppers to return the used old thin plastic bags by dropping them to the designated plastic bins that are found outside the entrance of the stores.

Green thinking for a healthy and enjoyable shopping! Every little helps from TESCO makes a big difference to shoppers and to the community as a whole!


~ by reymos on October 11, 2007.

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