Long live Bb Filipinas

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I love to watch beauty pageants and I will always be there (in front of the television)  to cheer for the Philippine candidate or even participate in the on-line voting. Every year, my anticipation is getting higher; hoping that this time a Filipina will reign the throne again and she will show the world that we are peace-loving and kind people. Modesty aside, the Philippines did not fail us Filipinos in bringing the best beautiful and talented representatives during the past years of competitions, from International to Miss Universe pageants.


Miss Gloria Diaz, Miss U’69 Miss Miriam Quiambao, Miss U’99 Runner-up


On the other hand, the contests become a barometer for physical beauty and we tend to judge everyone by their looks and how they present themselves in front of the camera. However, my admiration to a Filipina beauty is beyond those red lips, broad shoulders, long-legged, dark skin and long hair. Maybe some people will say that I am a hypocrite, but believe it or not, I adore our Bb Filipinas with their inner beauty that you can not find in foreign women. These qualities are being passed from one generation to another.

Well, I have my own Bb Filipinas aspirants; unfortunately they did not join any beauty shows during their younger years. Maybe, if they had the chance, then I will be there to applaud, and proud to say, “Hey, she is my future mom…” or “Hey look, she is my future dad’s mother…”

My grandma and mother are two influential individuals in my life. I am very proud to be born in the Philippines and nurtured by their unselfish love and devotion to my siblings. They are my perfect candidates for Bb Filipinas search or even for any Filipina Woman/Mother of the Year awards!




They are exceptional and amazing mums who have shown their remarkable bravery in adversity, kindness and generosity, and most importantly for being ordinary housewives for almost a half century. They don’t have the curves and moves of our Filipina celebrities, but they have the qualities of our late Filipina heroes (heroines) in the likes of Melchora Aquino and Teodora Alonzo!

My grandmother (dad’s mother, 88 yrs old) and my mum (66 years old) are not extraordinary women and I can not compare them to our Bb Filipina candidates/winners. However, my ‘Lola’ and ‘Nanay’ are very simple women and they will always have a special place in my heart. They are just ordinary housewives but they have done extra-ordinary things by raising 19 children and luckily they are blessed with 53 healthy great/grandchildren.


Certainly, it is my simple way of recognising the timeless and priceless role of Filipina (not desperate) housewives as lifetime careers.  They deserve this special recognition for their big hearts to offer compassion and to instill in the mind of our young Filipinos the value of ‘family’.  This is also acknowledging them for their never-ending dedication to their loved ones which proved to the world that Filipina mothers’ love and care are boundless. Indeed, a true inspiration for us Filipino children.

Long live Binibining Filipinas…our ideal ambassadress to the world!

(Note: My mother is celebrating her birthday today! This article is also part of the on-going competition sponsored by W3O and The Digital Filipino.com.)


~ by reymos on October 14, 2007.

7 Responses to “Long live Bb Filipinas”

  1. maraming salamat sa pagdaan sa site ko. maganda din po ang entry mo.

  2. […] came across this post – Long live Bb Filipinas – and thought it was worth sharing. I hope you find it interesting too and take the time to read […]

  3. thanks po for the good comment for my entry. Your entry shows how really precious the role of our mothers. Kaya dapat talaga pahalagahan natin ang mga Moms, kulang na lang koronahan din sila tulad ng mga candidate na sumasali sa mga beauty pageant. Iba talaga pag FILIPINA! Nice entry po c”,) Kudos!

  4. Hi, its a lovely attempt. pero what about adding some pictures/faces? and perhaps some depth on why the Bb Pilipinas… any other filipina woman is an ideal ambassadress. mention some features like the Filipina is the best house wife in the world (that’s a fact!. that we are the best housekeepers in the world, prefered among many nationals, and very hardworking, loyal, faithful… and all that suff. by and large, maybe you can describe who and what is a real Filipina as a woman, wife, worker, artist, lover, etc. These are just suggestions to impact your contribution to the Internet world. You may take it or leave it, but I feel you just have created an avenue to tell the world “Who We Are”… if what you intend is to dedicate this blog to the mothers, grandmothers and female friend there is. All hte best, friend.

  5. Hello Grace. Thanks alot to your valuable comments! Yeah more beautiful things to write about Filipinas! Your comment will justify that! I will try to some images which I plan this week after I received from my sister the photos of my mom and grandma when they were young! I could try to put other winners from the pageants as well like Gloria Diaz and Melanie Marquez!

  6. Hi Aphrile. I agree with you, that our mothers – those (not desperate) housewives deserve a crown!

  7. Hello Reymos. Thank you for supporting the Filipina Writing Project. I also encourage you to create an audio version of your entry and we can include it in our Filipina Writing Project Podcast at http://filipina.podbean.com

    Thank you!

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