Filipino Torch Bearer in 2008 Beijing Olympics

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I took part (with the rest of Pinoy bloggers) in promoting four Pinoys thru my Friendster account vying for the top 8 positions in the forthcoming Olympics in Beijing, China. Out of the 21,000 bearers, only 8 slots are alloted for foreign nationals living/working in China.  Part of the selection was a public on-line voting where everyone is allowed to choose their favourite for this rare opportunity to take part in the torch bearing relay as one of the cultimating activities of the sports event. Marco Torres, who currently working in Beijing for more than a year now made it in the top 8 (ranked second place in the final countdown). Marc will be representing the Philippines after the last participation of Pinoys in 1964 Olympics in Japan. I had a chance to exchange emails with Marc and extending my congratulations to him, hoping that he could come up with a site where we could follow the preparation of the event; consequently giving us updates on the actual ceremony.

The footage below was taken during Marc’s campaign (thru radio) in Manila prior to the closing of the on-line voting at the middle of October. The competition took-off in September and more than 250 foreign nationals submitted their bids.

Personally, if this opportunity comes along, I dont hesitate to do the same as a life-time changing experience to witness the gathering of the best sportsmen/women in the world. Well, Im not sure if this torch bearing competition will be done for the 2012 Olympics to be held in United Kingdom, but Im sure I will be there to watch  my favourite games: swimming, badminton, track events, volleyball and diving!

Congratulations Marc and we are proud of you! For the rest of the winners and updates of the competition, visit this link: EXPATS 4 OLYMPICS.  Please watch the clip in the link and my comment for the top winner was flashed on screen!

Note: I will do some journals in the future relating to Olympics from the time its started in Athens, Greece. I try to give some interesting facts about this sports event which Im still dreaming that someday, our country, the Philippines is strong and capable enough to host this event!


~ by reymos on November 17, 2007.

2 Responses to “Filipino Torch Bearer in 2008 Beijing Olympics”

  1. I can’t wait for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to start. 🙂

  2. Super Junior’s HanKyung was a torchbearer!! I was so proud of him!! 😀

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