International Party Nite

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After two years of my postgrad studies abroad, I finally decided to attend a gathering organised by the local council (where my university is located) for all international students. I am aware of this annual event being undertaken by the International Office of my university, but for any reason I was not able to attend those past events since I arrived in 2005. Anyway, one of my new colleagues from Iran convinced me to be there and have the opportunity to mingle with other foreign students from Italy, France, Romania, Germany, China, Bangladesh, India and many more.

It was a memorable night with excellent food and a disco.  I was lucky to be seated in a table where the ex-mayor (now the Alderman) of the council and his wife were seated as well. Having them in the same table, the very kind Alderman offered his time to tour us around the beautiful and historical hall –  from the main session chamber to the lounges and meeting/function rooms. The mini hall was opened by His Majesty Prince Charles in 2000. For details of the town hall which was originally known as Mossley Mill, please visit the link at: Mossley Mill at Newtonabbey Council

The Newtonabbey Council posted thru its website about the event. Unfotunately, our table was not lucky to be included in the photos. Check it out here at Newtonabbey News

~ by reymos on November 30, 2007.

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  1. What a lovely website! compliment 🙂

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