Does life begins at 40s?

I dont know how many readers will react on my title and or does the statement applies to you? If yes, bear with me and if you have time, please share your thoughts about it.

Simply Me

To be exact, two years ago I reached 40. Honestly, at first I was scared for being branded as “matanda” (old) and thinking that I cant do things anymore that the younger ones do.  More than that, Im also doubting of my life that lies ahead of me! The good thing is, reaching the age of 40, it provided me the courage to face the future with head’s up and with a heart of hope. Being 40 is full of life and excitement!

Dec 14 was the day when my parents celebrate life for the third time of their marriage. They were happy to see me with open arms and through the years they were there to witness how I embraced life to the fullest. Until now, even they are far away, Im sure they are smiling – realising  how I survived and became an ‘optimistic’ Archer!

Through the years, I always embrace life with optimisation. Yes, I have dreams to conquer but most of them are still hanging around on my head. No, I dont have regrets of the bad things that surround me, but instead I face them with the guidance and the mantle of love of our Almighty God.

As I always share to friends and even strangers that “things happened because of a reason”.  Sometimes we think that life is unfair – why there are kind people that suffer and the bad guys dont. Well, for the kind people – they have to be strong and have the perseverance to change things for the better and look for the brighter side of the situation; while for the bad guys – they will wait and one day they will face the consequences and of course providing them the opportunity to change.

I dont want to write a long journal on my birthday, instead you as my reader has the chance to share your thoughts of being happy and fulfilled of what you have gone through in the world of living. Regardless of your age, I believe that you have something good to share to others, and most especially to me in my special day!

Living is believing that every thing is possible!

~ by reymos on December 14, 2007.

7 Responses to “Does life begins at 40s?”

  1. Hi Rey, greetings and warmest greetings and hugs on your birthday! I always remember you as a person of genuine character, loving and caring for others. In more ways than one, your impact in my friendship is your good naturedness and truthfulness. May our Almighty God continue to bless you and your family with the best that you can hope for. May this day be a special reminder that God’s been in your life and is prospering you since you were born. Stay blessed my friend.

    Color the day red, even without us, at least.

    Kind regards,


  2. Thank you Grace for such inspiring message. Friendship moves mountain and personally, I treasure you as a friend way back in Bangkok. Keep in touch and God bless!

  3. From my friend, Margo in Australia thru Facebook link: I’m 32 with 2 very young kids 7yrs old & 2yrs old. I know this has to be one of the most joyful and memorable part of my journey but parenthood also takes away much of one’s individuality to the point of losing oneself. It brings out the most selfless in us and love we didn’t know existed within us. It’s all too ironic and it’s all part of life…so blooooody earth YES!! I’m excited to be 40 🙂

  4. Here’s something to look forward to from this day on and beyond (from Joel Osteen’s book Become A Better You): “God never performs His greatest feats in your yesterdays.” The best is yet to come 🙂

    Belated happy birthday. (Incidentally, my dad would have celebrated his 77th last Dec 15.)

  5. Hello Ellen, thanks for the kind words.

  6. I have viewed and read this article while its still steamingly hot but my comment however came late, SORRY for that, but as i promised Rey, here it goes…. Life begins at 40’s is a good and wise choice of title by the author, on my POV, at the age of 40, is the time when the outlooks in life of an individual turned mature, after which various scenarios in life has been experienced and overcome the oddities in life, this is the time realizing how to balance the situation, how to handle and face the next challenges with strength, knowledge and perseverance with better approach, plans and alternatives. GOOD JOB Rey! Am proud of you. Keep it up!

  7. There’s just something about having a birthday that ends with a zero. I turned 30 last year and like you, I took a much longer time reflecting on my life than I normally would. I ended up with the same conclusion – anything’s possible!

    btw, i was wondering if you would like to register your site for feeds so your readers can get updates by rss. thanks

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