New outlook in life for the Year of the Rat

I don’t write New Year’s resolution but I do have plans for my life every year – this time the Year of the Rat! Well, I posted a journal in my friendster’s account last year which focused on how to regenerate my life and have a meaningful way of living in a foreign land.  

I am happy to say that 2007 was a fruitful time and did enjoy it, despite the difficulties I faced in developing my university research. Indeed, so many challenging but rewarding tasks were accomplished last year which provided me the adrenalin to move on with my life. The Year of the Pig inspired me to do things that nourish my interests and hobbies, to some extent fulfils my spiritual need.  

This year is not really new but it is just another year to have a simple way of living! It also starts to embark myself for different responsibilities to become a mature and open-minded individual, and most importantly to continue of being optimistic in every thing I deal in my life both in theory and practice.  

This year is also the beginning for reaching the age of 42! And playing with these two numbers, 4 & 2, 2008 is brings more prosperity and wealth. Why? According to the Chinese beliefs, 8 (from the year itself and multiplying 4 &2) stands for riches and abundance. Whatever the year brings, I will always be optimistic to face it and enjoy each day of my life.  

I do care for my health and for the past years I regularly swim and do some indoors sports to maintain my weight and waistline! Unfortunately, due to the weather, I could not maintain my regular swimming, so I decided to attend fitness exercise at the university since the start of the school term. I do the tread mill for running/jogging, the Swiss ball set-up (for abs), rowing machine (for legs and shoulders), and other equipment for chest exercises. This is new to me considering that I don’t go to gym for workouts, so I don’t know if there will be a major change in my body structure.  

Another important thing to do is to find a part-time work at the middle of the year. I do part time tutoring at the university but it is only 3 hours a week and not much of financial gain from it. I might work in a call centre or maybe in a food chain like O’Briens or KFC! My scholar grant will end in October and I have to save some money for my plan to extend to stay in the UK for at least a year. There is an existing scheme for international graduates to stay for 12 months and work which I have to pay a fee of £395 to avail such working scheme.  

I will still do my regular contribution in writing reviews for the three British consumers’ sites: trivago, ciao and dooyoo, and at the same time maintain my several blogs and photography sites which constitute my hobbies and interest.  

With regards to my research work, I have to concentrate on my case studies and finally finish my thesis (with 9 chapters) on time. Hopefully, I could be able to have my final viva early months of 2009. It is another cap of achievement in my head and a new tag to my name!  

By the way, I intend to travel this year in Dubai to visit my sister and this will be the first trip to the Arabic territories. I have a definite plan to conquer Spain in September to join my Irish friends and be able to use my Spanish tongue.  

Finally, I just want to list down again my updated 42 rules in life which provided me the direction to make my life fulfilling and enjoyable.  

Rule 1: T-hank God for everything;  Rule 2: H-ome is the beginning of everything;
Rule 3: E-mbrace life with open heart and mind;  Rule 4: R-ead, (w)rite, and recite (3Rs);
Rule 5: U-se your potentials;  Rule 6: L-ove your parents and grandparents;
Rule 7: E-xplore and be adventorous;  Rule 8: S-ing a song, have a beat to dance and cook a meal;
Rule 9: O-bserve, learn and remember;  Rule 10: F-riendship saves life;
Rule 11: M-otivation comes first, then commitment;  Rule 12: Y-esterday is the past, today is now;
Rule 13: S-uccess is temporal, savour it with gusto; Rule 14: I-mperfection always need a room for improvement;
Rule 15: M-arriage is a choice not compulsory (not for everyone); Rule 16: P-ray and have time to listen to Him;
Rule 17: L-ove your friends and neighbors;  Rule 18: E-ducation is pricelss;
Rule 19: L-earn to accept criticism and defeat; Rule 20: I-nnovation comes freom imitation;
Rule 21: F-ailure exists with success; Rule 22: E-njoy your work and have time to play;
Rule 23: T-raveling makes life refreshing; Rule 24: H-obbies do not have rules;
Rule 25: I-nitiate rather than wait;  Rule 26: N-ever underestimate yourself;
Rule 27: K-eep a healthy mind and body; Rule 28: P-raise and reward yourself;
Rule 29: O-bey your conscience; Rule 30: S-hare a smile;
Rule 31: I-nvite a good conversation with strangers; Rule 32: T-ake a risk and feel the difference;
Rule 33: I-gnorance leads to discovery; Rule 34: V-oice-out if you need help;
Rule 35: E-verything has reasons; Rule 36: Y-outhful attitude brings life back to life;
Rule 37: O-uch, it hurts;  Rule 38: U-niversity (school) treats as our second home;
Rule 39: N-ever give-up, move on; Rule 40: G-od is in-charge, enjoy the ride
Rule 41: A-ge is only a number, being young at heart that counts;  Rule 42: T-oday is a good place to stay but tomorrow is the best place to go!

Happy Chinese New Year!

~ by reymos on February 7, 2008.

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