Sibuyan Island (Philippines) Revisited…Part One

LAST YEAR (March 2007) I spent few days in my hometown after a hectic schedule travelling around the country particularly in Bukidnon, including my quick trip to Bangkok (Koh Chang). Finally, I was able to upload some of my video clips taken during my visit to Sibuyan Island especially my refreshing boat ride to Crista de Gallo. The small island is less than an hour by motor boat from the mainland of Sibuyan (Campalingo, San Fernando).

My nephew told me few days ago that ABSCBN (Philippines) featured the province of Romblon on its regular show – Trip na Trip, where Katkat de Castro is the main reporter. I also confirmed this from one of the members of the Pinoy Exchange dot com forums. Unfortunalely, the second episode of the show aired last Friday did not really tells us about Sibuyan Island. Having said that, Im inspired to share the video taken during my trip to Crista de Gallo.

Honestly, the island can not be compared to Boracay or anywhere in the world. It is unique on its own way. Believe me, watching the crystal clear blue water, the coral reefs, the flourishing weeds, and the pulverised seashells-white-sandy beach, it seems Im in paradise!

Do you have something to share about your memorable experience in Sibuyan – where the land, the sea and the air unite?

~ by reymos on March 29, 2008.

48 Responses to “Sibuyan Island (Philippines) Revisited…Part One”

  1. hi. I am interested in this island. seems you are a native of this place? what is the main livelihood in the island? are there any hotels or resorts I can stay if I went for a tour in there? how do I get there if I travel by air? can you advise me? thank you so much in advance.

    • if you know to travel going to batangas.Im sure you know going to sibuyan.There is no plane and shopping malls that is the only problem.But if you are real native type,i promise you enjoy it

  2. Hi. I am from sibuyan. The main livelihood in our town is farming and fishing. life there is so simple. there are some hotels that you can rent for your stay. you can get there through ship from batangas city pier. no means of air transportation.

  3. Iam writting a college paper and I need to make and International move. I have chosen to move to the Simbuyan Island in the Phillippines. Can you tell me why this is a good location to move to. Can I work there? Can I buy a house or rent? What is th eeconomic standard?

    • Thanks for the visit. I think you can rent and Im not sure if you could buy a land there as a foreigner. But there are Germans living there now who married to locals. It is a nice place. Good luck. Rey

    • hi there!its nice to live in sibuyan ,i experience the life without streess,full of natural things especially the wild trees and wild orchids.If im with you i’d better to stayed and try to learned what going on this place, before you buy the house and land if its possible.its only an advice!

  4. Hello there! I am from Sibuyan, too, but I grew up in Manila. I am planning to come home this May for the fiesta celebration. And of course, I would like to experience Cresta de Gallo too. Do you know how can I get there? I really have no idea. Please help me.

  5. You look familiar. Aha! Nasa WOW Sibuyan Island Network ka ba?

    • Hello, thanks for dropping by…Its nice to hear that you have the interest of visiting Sibuyan. Madali pumunta dun. Ask some folks in Campalingo for hiring a motor boat. Better kung marami kayo to shoulder the rent. It is a worthwhile visit for the whole day…it is a paradise! Im not a member of Wow Sibuyan but could you tell me whats the link? All the best. Rey

  6. Koh Chang travel guides on koh chang ferries at Ao Thammachart and centre point ferry and laem ngob pier (wooden boat).

  7. Hi there,

    pls. can you give me an information about the ferry from sibuyan to manila ? When start the ferry line to Manila ?

    Thanx a mil


  8. […] (Romblon). If you are interested to find more about it, check here:  Part One, Part Two, Part Three. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Sikora Recovering 54.597269 […]

  9. Hi, my dad is from sibuyan but I grew up in Mindoro. I really love the Island. Planning to send my kids to Hillside View Academy in Campalingo and build a house just near there.

    • Hi Sam, nice to know that your dad came from Sibuyan. I grew up in Campalingo until I did my uni studies in Manila. My family is still living there and last April 2010 I attended the barrio fiesta. If you dont mind, who is your father? I might recognise him… Who knows he might be my former primary classmate!

  10. Hi! My father is Samson Cometa Sr. the son of late Joaquin Cometa. I think I have heard your name in some of our conversation.

    • So you are Jr. The reason why Im asking coz one of my former primary classmate lived in Mindoro in the 70s. I dont know his whereabouts now. His name is Benhur Cometa. Some of my close friends are the Rusell Cometa (Jr), Ruth Cometa, Lelyn Cometa. I think we are still related…

  11. Hi Sam, thanks for subscribing to my blog and I personally appreciated that good gesture as being a blogger. It shows that you are in Thailand now. I studied and lived in Bangkok during early 90s.

  12. There are many Cometas migrated to mindoro mostly in Salcedo.

    Russell Cometa (Kuya Toto)? He’s my cousin. His dad is my dad’s eldest brother. How are you related to Ex-Mayor Ramos of Cajidiocan?

    Well, I really love Sibuyan. So my family is planning to visit this december.

  13. Yes I’m in thailand working here at Ekamai International School and my parents are here too.

  14. Small world indeed. Marunong ka ba magbinisaya? Toto Rusell, his sister, Uncle Rosy and Auntie Bella are quite close to us…When I was young I always visit their house. Well, yes but only my father and my brothers are close to Borong Ramos. Im more close to the x-mayor of San Fernando. Actually, Dra. Tansingco’s father and my father are first cousin.

    I did my MSc at AIT (Asian Institute of Technology) and also worked there. Thailand is always my second home and still have close friends (both Pinoy and Thais) working in AIT. Who knows, we can meet and to know your family in the future.

  15. I also visited your Uncle Nelson in Los Angeles last August. His wife’s youngest brother is a good friend and former classmate in high school. Im planning to go home in April/May… Im jobless at the moment while revising my thesis.

  16. Oh so we’re related, are we? Yes Uncle rosy actually is the one who suggested my dad to build a house just next to his house near the academy which I think safe for my daughters too. So by next year I will move my daughters there to study and my dad will just go back and fort from sibuyan and mindoro.

    I know a little of sibuyanon but we usually speak tagalog at home.

    I know AIT, we played tennis there for Filipino Tennis Association.

  17. I was in US 2 years ago and met them also. Are in the US now?

    • I came back last week of Nov. Hanap sana ako ng trabaho dun eh. May pinsan tayo sa Riverside at nagstay ako dun ng 5 months. Im back here in Northern Ireland para tapusin ko yong revision ng thesis ko. If ever, you play tennis again in AIT, maybe you could inquire about me…unfortunately, I dont play tennis but I love to watch the games…Im happy that Djokovik won against Andy M. I watched Andy Murray during my visit in Open Classsics Farmers (LA) with Uncle Nelson’s brother-in-law, Donald. I also watched the Wimbledon games last year.

  18. Yup, maybe 3rd cousin coz my grandfather parents’s middle name is Cometa. I attended the 50th annivesary of AIT last Sept 2009. Actually, Im thinking to visit again…

    Yeah, the location of the school is ok and it good for your daughters to live there and able to know their relatives as well. That place was where your grandparents’ house built and at the back of the house were big mango trees near the river. Reminiscing my childhood…lol

  19. Yes youre right. Near the big mango tree is where uncle rosy built his house. My parents spent 2 weeks vacation there last 2008 with my 2 daughters. From that time my daughters love sibuyan and kept on talking about going back there.

    If youre planning to visit Thailand just send me an email at I’ve been working here since 2001.

    • Im happy that thru my blogsite, Im able to know you and reconnect with our relatives. Yup, sure Im happy to meet you in person. Well, I was in Bkk from 91-93 and then visited in 95, 2004 and 2009.

  20. Sino ang pinsan natin sa Riverside? Ate Neneng (Helen Diaz) is in Loma Linda.

    Yes Donald love tennis. When we met that was in 2005 we talked and all about tennis. So youre Djokovich fan, and Im Nadal too bad for nadal hahaha.

  21. So the next time you visit Bangkok we should really meet. During your past 2 visits Im already here with my family.

    Yes Im happy also to connect with relatives here. The last time I got connection with our relatives was when I uploaded some pictures in google earth. They are the cometas from danao.

  22. Got to go sleep now. Have to work early tomorrow. Nice meeting you here. I was actually just browsing the net when I found your blog.

    I’ll be posting tomorrow night again. God bless.

  23. Hi, I offer beach front accommodation CORYS BEACH HOUSE in Magdiwang town of Sibuyan Island. Absolute best in Magdiwang. Family house with 3 Large Bedrooms fits 10 People comfortably. Fully equipped kitchen, large lounge, modern bathrooms with hot water facilities. Huge section with outdoor grilling area, beautiful garden, large patio for entertaining guests. Also treehouse for additional guests fits 4 people. Bikes available for hire. A favourite choice for families, politicians, returning filipinos. Owned by local wife and foreigner husband. Please see website for pics, contact Linda Stevens (daughter of owner) 09286276650 or 09196393104 visit Linda at MG STORE in magdiwang town center.

  24. sibuyan island is my hometown,,para kang nsa paradise once u visit this place, andaming mgagandang places/spots na pwede mong ivisit anbd for sure mag-eenjoy ka.,

  25. my barko na from pier here sa manila papunta na ung byahe from manila to cajidiocan port, kea to those who are interested na pumunta sa sibuyan, very accessible na ang transpo papunta sulit namasn ang byahe pag andun kna..

  26. from sibuyan how much ung boat fee going jan sa crista de gallo?

    • Hi, depende po kasi negotiated yong pumpboat papunta sa isla at sa laki ng boat. Ang silingan ay 1,500 – 2,500 pesos, at depende pa rin kung hihintayin kayo hanggang maghapon.

      • we paid 6.000 Pesos for our last trip to the isla “Cresta de Gallo”.
        Our Tip: Come with some friends to Sibuyan Island and share the price for the boat.

  27. Hi Tom, quite expensive! Well, it is cheaper if you are coming from Azagra or Campalingo, the nearest barangays which takes only an hour to reach the island. Yes, I agree to have family and friends to share the cost. Again, for locals the charging is cheaper than being foreign tourists.

  28. Hi Sam, Im Raymundo C. Cometa, Son of Filipina Cometa and Rolando Cometa. My uncles and unties normally called mew as dimple or toto. My grand father is the late Cornelio cometa who usually told me about this enchanted island of sibuyan romblon. i need to no more about this Isla de gallo. il visit sibuyan this month of May . hope to hear more a lot the island.

    • Hi Everyone,
      I’m coming to Manila on 26 March but during my stay I wish to visit Sibuyan Island with my partner but need a place to stay. Somewhere which is comfortable with air cond.self catering etc.Can anyone give me details of a room or hotel or similar on Island where I can stay for about 8 nights? I’d very much appreciate the info and help. Many thanks

      • Hi Paul. I will send an email to give you details. My family still live in the island and hopefully I can provide you information on accommodation and places to visit. Actually, I will be there from 26 to 29 March to attend a graduation ceremony in my hometown. All the best. Rey

      • Thanks, Rev, that’s much appreciated.Good luck on your graduation day. I’m sure the day will be very enjoyable and of course it’s always great to be back visiting family and friends. I personally don’t expect to arrive on the Island till about 18 April and hope to stay for at least a week perhaps even2 weeks. But anyway I’ll stay in touch and if as an English School teacher I can help you at any time, please let me know.
        Kind regards,

    • Hi. Im Rey the owner of the blogsite. I will send you details thru your email. I will be visiting my parents next month. Can you ask your parents if they know Russell Cometa, Sr. Thanks.

  29. Nice place to stay right at the jump-off point of Mount Guiting. 10minutes from Ambulong Port. See and

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