Dear Grandma (Lola Presing)

WHEN I WAS YOUNG, I thought you were my real mother. I thought you were my biological mother so I used to call you “Nanay”. I did not know that you are my real father’s mother. Living on the same house with your youngest daughter, you treated me as your youngest son. You always there to treat my rashes (guyos/galis) on my legs! You were also delighted to blow the smoke from your tobacco to remove the angry little red ant stuck inside my aching ear during those sleepy humid nights! Well, I was happy then pulling patiently your white hair, in return.

AT THE EARLY AGE, you taught me the meaning of simple life in the countryside. During summer and low tide, we always visit the seacoast together to collect seashells for our dinner. Sometimes I joined you and the rest of our relatives to catch fish using a big fish net as everyone is intensely pullling the net from both ends.

We were buddies to catch shrimps and crabs in the river as well!

THROUGH MY YOUNGER YEARS, you taught me the essence of “hardwork” and “patience” through your art of making mats. You loved to make beautiful, soft and colourful sleeping mattress from pandan leaves. Night and day, you were busy weaving mats from long and dried strip of pandan leaves, just hearing the tick-tack sound as your finger nails touch the pandan strip – it was a melody for me!

YOU DID NOT FORGET TO TEACH ME the essence of togetherness and family ties during adversity. Every time that there is a strong typhoon, we always gather our belongings and stay with relatives in a big house! It was scary walking outside the house while the trees were swaying badly and hearing those thunderstorms and watching the endless flashes of lightning. On the other hand, it was an excitement for me being with my relatives- having a good time to play while waiting for the storm to subside until the next day. I also joined you to visit your ailing mother, far far away from home and had the chance to meet the rest of your relatives.

It was then that I realised that we have a big family!

Well, there were times that you and Grandpa had confrontations especially after a “tuba” (coconut wine) drink session in the town which somehow gave me goosebumps during those times. My younger uncle and auntie were “referees” to sorted out the arguments. As the “tuba” spirit left, then every thing turned fine and life moved on…

AS I GREW OLDER, you are always in my side – being closer to your sons and daughters. How I could not forget those years that you were the one who washed my clothes – from jeans to underwears! Someone who always there to remind me to travel safely! Someone who will always provide a good meal before and after school. Someone who always happy to hear about my achievements in school and also someone who will always ask why I have to go back to school again (after finishing my engineering degree)!

TIME MOVES FAST, and Im away from home searching for better and enjoyable life abroad. I know you were happy for me when I left in 1991, 2002 and 2005 to study abroad! During those years you always there for my family and my young siblings. You were also excited to find out that I was going home for vacations – able to cook for my favourite meal – ginataang mongo (beans with coco milk)!

You were happy again to wash my favourite jeans and white Calvin Klein underwears!

LIFE IS ALWAYS UNPREDICTABLE and the only thing I know that more than a year  now that I havent able to speak to you, and suddenly last month you were gone for good! Honestly, I must admit, I think I am your “favourite grandson” and Im honoured to accept that! I was guilty not to see you before you go. I was upset that I have not able to speak to you and tell you my life in Britain – struggling to finish my PhD research! I am sad to think that you will not be there when I go back home to show my thesis – bearing a dedication for you!

AT THE AGE OF 89, you gave your 100 percent undying love and care to your family! I am very happy that you were part of my life! Thank you for everything…

Your memories will remain in our hearts and surely you will be missed by your favourite “apo” as he continues his journey of living…

~ by reymos on May 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “Dear Grandma (Lola Presing)”

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