One world-one dream for 10, 000 athletes in Olympic Games

TODAY, 08-08-08 (8 Aug 2008), 12:45pm (UK time), the 29th Olympiad opened in Beijing’s Bird Nest stadium. It was a spectacular event of lights, dances, motions, colours and history which everyone watching it was something not to be missed.

The opening ceremony provided a glimpse of the richness of Chinese culture, art and its people’s ambition to be recognised around the world. For me, China raised the barometer of making the Olympic Games a stunning worldwide event for everyone to watch every four years.  It is a challenge for the UK as the host for the 30th Olympiad to surpass of what the Chinese presented today and for the next 15 sporting days to come!

I enjoyed watching the whole programme (4 hours) together with the Chinese students inside the Sports Centre of the University of Ulster (Jordanstown) where Im currently enrolled. If I have the chance to watch some of the events in the Olympics in the future (maybe in London 2012 or Sochi 2014), I will definitely queuing for (1) swimming (2) diving (3) badminton (4) volleyball (5) gymnastics (6) track events -short distance running. I prefer to watch invidivual events than group sport ones.

Few months ago, I joined the campaign for having a Filipino in the torch bearing event of the game. Luckily, Marco Torres made it in the top 8 of the on-line voting and last month he finally made his 40 metres’ fame in Ganzu City after 44 years for having a Filipino in 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

The closing ceremony will be held on the 24th August and there will be live coverages around the UK region. For details, click the link here: Turnover Ceremony. The following are the useful links for the 2008 Beijing Olmpics (China), 2012 London Olympics (UK) and 2014 Sochi Olympics (Russia).

See you in London 2012!


~ by reymos on August 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “One world-one dream for 10, 000 athletes in Olympic Games”

  1. Stunning Picture.

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    cheers !!

  2. kamusta na ba? di ko alam kung naaalala mo pa ako.

  3. […] As part of my fascination with this international competition, I will be posting some interesting facts about the game, particularly some facts about record holders, controversies, and of course the participation of my home country, the Philippines. So watch out for this and I might also sponsoring an online competition! In my own little way, I also supported the 2008 Olympic Games held in China… Find out about it HERE. […]

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