Enjoy life, learn to sing and share a laugh!

TODAY IS A VERY SPECIAL DAY. It is my birthday! Im very fulfilled and contented reaching 43 this year. Im lucky to reach this age, unfortunately some are not lucky, never reached this stage of their lives. Im proud to be in the 40s but for some of us are afraid to go old. Our age is only numbers and how we live our lives that counts!

Since it is a rare ocassion, please hold on and I have something to share … I love to sing! No matter what, I will always grab the magic sing (microphone) whenever I attend parties.  Did you know that I was a grand prize winner when I was 12 years old in the Philippines and one of the finalists in Australia five years ago and recorded in DVD as well!

This is the reason why  I was quite hooked with a popular singing contest on TV, Bagong Kampeon way back in the 80s in the Philippines. And now, there are so much programmes to watch like  American Idol, X Factor and even Australian Idol. Because of my current location abroad, I have the chance to watch American Idol and X Factor every year.  When I was in Australia, I even watched the Australian Idol tour in Brisbane and this was the time when Guy Sebastian won the competition and bought his album as well, including the runner-up’s album!

When I arrived Northern Ireland in 2005, this was the year when X Factor aired on TV. I will not forget the finale part of this programme since it will be a live telecast, few days before my bday. Quickly, I bought all the singles of the winners: Shane Wayne, Leona Lewis, except for Leon Jackson because I dont like his style of singing! There’s the 2008 winner, Alexandra Burke singing the winning song, Hallelujah and definitely,  I will be buying her Xmas record. I was really impressed of her duet with Beyonce (having a concert in the UK in May 2009) and for the first time, I finally decided to cast my 2 votes for her last night!  The video (courtesy of youtube) of her final performance.

On the other hand, this format of entertainment (courtesy of Simon Cowell) became a phenomenon around the world. Because of this talent competition, everyone wants to share their singing prowess to the judges. Auditioning is the best part of this programme when you could really enjoy the show and share a laugh with friends and families in front of  the tele! This one of the best auditions I found in the internet thru youtube. Hope you will enjoy it and please share the clip to others.

~ by reymos on December 14, 2008.

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  1. n77uEi Thanks for good post

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