The best job in the world: I will be working there very soon!

I am the island caretaker

I am the island the image

I AM VERY DESPERATE to change my work environment at the moment! I started this work 3 years ago and Im struggling to finish it. No regrets of having it now but hopefully at the middle of 2009, Im hoping that I will be working in Hamilton Island – one of the islands in the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia.

I lived in Brisbane for 2 years but I did not able to visit the Reef but this time, I will be able to stay because of this job posted online. On-line applications started on the 10th Jan and will end on the 22 February 2009. Everyone is invited to apply as long as you have the following qualifications: can swim, adventurous and passion for outdoors, can communicate, both written and verbal in English, open-minded to new things.

This is my plea for the job! This is my official video for the application. PLEASE CLICK HERE OR THE IMAGE ABOVE TO CAST YOUR OFFICIAL VOTE.

If you are interested, click the clip below for details or click the youtube’s link at The Best Job in the World or IslandReefJob website.

Good luck guys… See you there (Hamilton Island) in July 2009!

~ by reymos on January 13, 2009.

9 Responses to “The best job in the world: I will be working there very soon!”

  1. Das wäre der Hit so mal für 6Monate zu leben …

  2. Ok let face it, you and me not going to
    get that job offer by and $150,000 cash price

    So I decided to move to Great Barrier Reef permanently by
    raising my own money and with your help and donation

    You can find out more about me at

    Your help can make it happen

  3. Kuya,
    Ang daming adventure sa life mo ah!
    Anyway, nai-link ko itong page mo
    sa blog ko.
    Ingat po!

  4. You’ve been linked.

    Good Luck!

  5. That is great! Hope you get the job.
    You’ve been all around the world, taking in jobs that you like, living life the way you wanted it… Inggit ako haha

  6. I hope you get the job!


    • Hi Connor, Thanks for the message. Unfortunately, I did not make it to the top 50. Nevertheless I enjoyed it meeting new friends online. All the best. Rey

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