Travel Tips…courtesy of Sony Vaio



IM A FAN OF SONY VAIO especially its TX2X series which I bought in June 2006. It is almost 3 years now and this notebook is my ultimate 24/7 companion. Having this gadget, I can update my travel and photo blogs regularly anywhere I go as long as there is wireless connection available.

I also joined the Sony Vaio club which is really good for updates of various new products in the market. The club offers competitions too which I would like to ask your help to vote my travel tips posted in the site. I have written several short travel tips for popular European cities which I had the chance to visit them in the past. So, please vote for me by just clicking the buttons in the graphics above.  For example, I chose London for Music destination, Dublin for Food, Rome for Architecture and Florence for Art destination. Thanks alot!

~ by reymos on April 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Travel Tips…courtesy of Sony Vaio”

  1. Hello. Shouldn’t it be VAIO, not VIAO? 🙂

  2. thanks for the comment. it is appreciated for correcting me!

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