A tribute to Michael Jackson (king of pop)


1958  (29 August) Michael Joseph Jackson bday born in Gary, Indiana to Joseph and Katherine

1963 – Michael joins his 4 brothers in the Jackson Five singing group

1968 (July) – Jackson Five changed to Jackson 5 after signing with Motown Records

1970 (Jan) – Jackson 5 released the single, “I want you back”

1972 (Jan) – Michael released his solo album, “Got to be there”

1979 (August) – Michael released his album, “Off the Wall”, with 20 million copies sold worldwide

1982 (November) – Michael released his album, “Thriller”, with 100 million copies worldwide

1983 (March) – Michael introduced his iconic moves, “Moonwalk”

1984 (January) – Michael had an accident during Pepsi ad filming

1984(February) – Michael received 8 Grammy Awards

1985 (March) –  Michael released the single, “We are the World” with co-writer Lione Richie

1987(August) – Michael released the album, “Bad”  with 30 millions copies sold worldwide

1988 (May) – Michael purchased a ranch, ” Neverland”

1991 (November) – Michael released his album, “Dangerous” selling 32 millions copies worldwide

1993 (February) – Michael confessed to Oprah that he is suffering from skin condition vitiligo, including the beating of his father during his childhood

1994 ( May) – Michael married the only daughter of Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie

1995(June) – Michael released his album, HIStory, selling 20 millions copies worldwide

1996 (January) – Michael divorsed Lisa Marie Presley

1996 (September) – Michael launched his final tour, “HIStory World Tour” in Prague

1996 (November) – Michael married to Debbie Rowe

1997 (February) – Michael became a father, Debbie gave birth to son Michael Jackson Jr

1997 (May) – Michael released his single, “Blood on the dance floor”, sold 5 million copies

1998 (April) – Michael became again a father, Debbie gave birth to daughter Paris Michael

1999 (October) – Michael got full custody of their two kids

2001 (March) – Michael got his induction in the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

2001 (September) – Michael performed his 30th anniversary in New York, including a show for a benefit in the wake of Sept 11 bombing.

2002 – Michael became a father for the third time, Prince Michael II (aka Blanket) was born

2002 (November) – Michael did a controversial act when he dangled Blanket out of  a hotel window

2003 (February) – Michael was interviewed by Martin Bashir and broadcasted on TV, “Living with Michael

2003 (November) – Michael released his album, “Number Ones selling 7 million copies worldwide

2006 (September) – Michael settled his lawsuit by his ex-wife, Debbie and still got his full custody of his kids

2009 (March) – Michael announced his comeback, “This is It” in the UK biggest stadium, O2 in July

2009 (25 June) – Two months before  his 51st bday, Michael died from heart attack!

We have lost a genuis and a true ambassador of all music. He has been an inspiration to generations, and I’ll always cherish the moments I shared with him onstage and all of the things I learned about music from him… JUSTIN TIMBERBLAKE

I can’t stop crying over the sad news. I’ve always admired Michael Jackson – the world has lost one of its greats, but his music will live on forever. My heart goes out to his three children and other members of his family. God Bless…MADONNA

Indeed a true genuis… MJ captured the hearts of the people around the world.His music is a legacy to mankind…REYMOS

~ by reymos on June 25, 2009.

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