My weapon of seduction…

DESPITE THE ECONOMIC CRUNCH, PERFUME is still a popular selling product in the market today that no one could not resist to grab a tester/sampler of it while visiting a mall. Well, we can’t deny that we often judge individuals by their looks and their smell. Smell is a very powerful sense that alters our moods and the way we interact with people.

My weapon of seduction

The scent or fragrance from the perfume influences our emotions and also reflects our personalities. On the other hand, in a close range, it triggers noise irritation if it is not worn properly (moderately).

With the macro features of my digital camera, I tried my best to be up-close and personal with my gadget scents that provide me the confidence to feel fresh, clean and maybe to some extent to feel warm and romantic.

perfume12 perfume2

Product photography is every where… every page of the magazine or a catalogue shows its influential charisma in consumers’ buying moods. It is a powerful way of endorsing a certain product to be patronised by the public through prints and sign/billboards.

While taking photos of my secret weapon of seduction, I learned that to capture the personality of these products, good lighting and background are important to bring out the best from them.

~ by reymos on June 30, 2009.

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