Eurovision Song Contest comes to Asia in 2010?

Our Sounc - The Asia Pacific Song Contest 2010IM A FAN OF EUROVISION CONTEST SINCE I watched its live telecast in Australia 5 years ago. Having the opportunity to live in the UK,  I watch it every May, including the selection event for the Britain’s entry to the singing competition.

This year, it was held in Moscow and Norway got the  highest vote (compared to the previous winners) and brought the coveted prize! Also this year, I was also active in the official fan site of the contest which allow fans to create their own blogs. This is the link for my EUROVISION’S BLOG and also posted a journal about it HERE.

Well, for Asian fans Eurovision will invades the region! Early this year, I already knew that the organiser of Eurovision planned to bring this online voting to Asia late this year. Below is the video clip to show that it is really coming to Asia!

I cant wait who will be the Philippine entry for this first Eurovision’s style of singing competition which is now formally known as “OUR SOUND, THE ASIA PACIFIC SONG CONTEST 2010… The initial name for this contest launched in September 2008 is AsiaVision which the official site derived its name. According to the OFFICIAL WEBSITE states that “Our Sound™ – The Asia-Pacific Song Contest is a highly emotional music competition between Asian nations. This new, annual mega entertainment TV event is Asia’s Olympic Games of Pop Music, a thrilling search for Asia’s best song.”

HONESTLY, THIS IS REALLY INTERESTING EVENT OF THE YEAR for countries in the Asia Pacific region. Wikipedia has already created a page for this as well (click here). According to the site, it is rumoured that Singapore will be the host of the final event as the contest headquarters are based.   It is also expected that the initial selection for each country will start in October 2009 and 13 countries, including Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam will join the competition.

Im excited about it considering that Asian countries are music lovers and this is an ideal event to show their diverse cultures, styles and talents in the region or around the world. I cant imagine that billions of people will be watching this event and public voting is not a problem. Why? Did you know that Asia is the highest users of mobile phones and texting or SMS is the most common way of daily’s communication in these countries. Mobiles are ordinary accessories and not luxury items, so young and old own one or two or even three (just like me)! Even Nokia is a Finnish product/brand, but it is widely used in Asia than Europe.

I cant wait really! What do you think the chance for Pinoy entry to win the contest in MARCH 2010?

The above video is the winning entry from Norway. Alexander is also an actor in Norway.

NOTE: For video updates of the event, please CLICK HERE

~ by reymos on July 30, 2009.

5 Responses to “Eurovision Song Contest comes to Asia in 2010?”

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  2. yeh right.. great post, Thank You

  3. hey guys have you seen this page?

  4. I’ve just discovered about Eurovision an hour ago and was totally amazed with the song entries they have. I also thought Asia should have one and I’m very very glad that there will be in 2010. I can’t wait!

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