Corazon Aquino: The First Woman President of the Philippines (1986-1992)

Corazon AquinoFORMER PHILIPPINE PRESIDENT, CORAZON “CORY” AQUINO was the first lady head of the state and also the first woman’s president in Asia. She died yesterday after battling from colon cancer.

I’m one of the Pinoys who witness when she got into power, including the uprising of the people commonly known, “the People Power in Edsa” after her husband Ninoy Aquino was assasinated at the aiport. It was a little bit scary during those days, but also exciting too  because it was the turning point for the Philippines to embrace “change” and to stand on what the people wanted in running the government.

As part of my tribute to her, Im sharing to my readers, her first appearance in the US Congress 0n 18 September 1986. For additional information about her, please click the link HERE.

The video clips below show the emotional eulogy of  former President’s youngest daughter, Kris Aquino. I have read several criticisms of Kris emotional speech, even doubting her sincerity of mourning towards her mom’s funeral. On a personal note, listening and contemplating to what Kris was conveying to the nation that there is something to be learned – reminding us the importance of our family, our parents, the undying love of our  mothers, unselfishness to help others, and importantly to stand in unity as a nation. It also reminded me of my beloved Grandma who passed away in Apruil 2008; unfortunately, I was not able to say goodbye,  but I wrote an open letter (CLICK HERE) for her – expressing my love for what she had done to my family.

UPDATES: During my holiday in Manila, I gave my respect to the late President, Madam Cory by visiting her grave, including her husband Ninoy.  My late grandmother’s grave is just few meters away from the Aquino simple mausoleum. CLICK HERE.


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  2. We are all mourning for the loss of President Aquino. Thanks for sharing the video.

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