Pinoys in Action: Badminton tournament in Belfast

tournament1ONE OF MY SPORTS IS BADMINTON. Everyone’s knows to play badminton, but I did it competitively since I was in the university (undegrad). In those days, I was a playing coach and I encouraged my juniors class to join the annual inter-departmental games. Sadly, my team did not able to get the championship trophy but I did enjoy playing/coaching it and taking part of this college competition was building up my sportmanship and team spirits.

Four years ago, I got my first championship trophy when I joined a club in Mandaluyong (Philippines), months before I left the country for Northern Ireland. Well, it was one of the happy moments of my life! Aside from my swimming routine, badminton maintains my agility, concentration, focus and most importantly – to be healthy!

tournament7  tournament6  DSC09808  tournament4  tournament10  tournament2

I DID NOT IGNORE THE opportunity when our kababayans organised again a badminton tournament (doubles) in Belfast. So, few weeks prior to the game I already asked for a leave from my part-time work just to make sure that I could participate and be on top of the game. Luckily, I was also able to find a partner; unfortunately we dont have time to practice! Nevertheless, we are determine to be on top of the board!  Sixteen (16) teams, grouped into two (A and B), and at the end of the competition, we were declared as second position in our group, and 3rd place in the overall ranking! Not bad really and I did enjoy it despite the muscles pain I felt, the day after the tournament. 

It was worth it and having a big smile staring my stainless priceless trophy makes me dream for another match.

tournament3  tournament11  tournament  tournament9  tournament12  tournament8


~ by reymos on August 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Pinoys in Action: Badminton tournament in Belfast”

  1. hay reymos…ang ganda ng pic natin…ayan ha ginalingan ko talaga para may mauwi kang remembrance d2 sa Belfast..joke lang..hahahha..
    kahit wala tayong practice naging 3rd place pa tayo..
    sana next tournament nand2 ka pa rin para may magaling pa rin akong partner…

    • Hello Ishis! Salamat sa mensahe at siyempre masaya ako dahil nagkapartner tayo sa tournament! Kahit walang practise, sige lang basta nag-enjoy tayo sa paglaro! Next time, gagalingan natin para makuha yong pinakamalaking tropeyo!

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