Are you a sun-seeker? Basic tips to enjoyable summer…

sandalsIts meBEING AN ISLANDER, I LOVE THE SUN! Being born just few meters away from the beach, I really enjoy the heat of the sun especially if I do my swimming in the beach or in the outdoor  swimming pool. This is the reason why I have a different skin feature compared to my siblings ( having fair/white complexion). I have a sun-tan or brown complexion and everyone (especially foreigners) adores it! They loved it!

Honestly, this is the reason why I maintain my sun-tan looking skin by having regular walking and swimming under the sun.

Unfortunately, with my present location abroad, Im deprived of having a good tan. I feel now that I dont have my original skin pigment – for being “moreno” or dark-brown complexion. Anyway, in few weeks time I will get it back for having a short visit to some Philippines’ finest beaches and resorts.

For some people particularly those living in the UK and Europe region, they cant really get a 100% sun-tan look, instead they “go red in the sun” or have a “lobster look” which is not impressive at all.  To avoid this, majority of sun-seekers apply sun cream protection, minimising extreme impact to the skin – causing skin disorders.

In Northern Ireland alone, it is reported that malignant melanoma is the second most common form of skin cancer among 15 to 34 years old. Despite this threat, still alot of people are seeking for  healthy tanned look. The risk of extreme sun exposure also depends on our personality (character) and lifestyle which are grouped into 4 types (called the sun personality, Source: Belfast Telegragh):  (a) well-intentioned binger – people who are careful and aware of the consequences but have a burning desire to have a quick tan; (b) protector – people who are conscious of the sun effect, thus they constantly use appropriate sunscreen protection; (c) denier – people who have think that it will not happen to them, thus they use cream or tanning oil occasionally; and finally (d) worrier – this are the people who always avoid the rays of the sun and rather stay in the shade all day!

It is also observed that our sun personality is influenced by both individual desire to take “risks” and be “attractive.”  Thus, it is not the sun to get the blame, but it is ourselves. It is not the sunlight exposure that is bad for our skin, it is indeed the way we expose ourselves to the rays of the sun…


FINALLY, I am aware that despite my Filipino skin, to some extent the sun still harm my skin as I grow older which causes loss of elasticity and lumpiness. To maintin a youthful and healthy glowing skin, it is recommended to apply regular sunscreen ( on face, hands and neck) while having summer holidays.  There are pratical and manageable ways to avoid extreme skin damage: (a)  don’t stay long under  the sun ( best time: before 11am and after 3pm when the heat is not much strong); (b) drink plenty of water ; and (c) have a cool bath or shower if you get sunburnt.


~ by reymos on August 9, 2009.

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