In the world of music…

FEW MONTHS AGO, I MET A professional photographer who had his photo exhibition held at my university. His collection is showcasing musicians around the world – from USA to UK, from LL Cool J to Morrissey or from Bootsy Collins to Grace Jones in mixed media, colored or B/W prints. I found his book impressive so I bought one and asked his autograph!

enrique iglesias“Music is an integral part of our way of living. It is an art form that transcends differences and boundaries. It is indeed a human expression being passed from one generation to another”

Having said that, I’m quite inspired to share my personal experience watching live music and entertainment such as concerts, recitals and musicals. I am a music lover and this is the reason why I have my iPod nano with me all the time. I’m also a concert fanatic and love to hear my favorite songs live!

Click here for more photos

Click here for more photos

In 2007, I had the chance (for the first time) to watch the Filipino-Spanish international singer, Enrique Iglesias (son of Julio Iglesias). After five years, 5 months, 12 days, 5 hours and 20 minutes, Enrique visited Northern Ireland again for a one-day concert tour at the Odyssey Arena. Honestly, I’m not Enrique’s avid fan. But because he is half-Filipino, then I showed my support for him. Another reason was – a pre-birthday treat for me!

Taking photographs during live performances is not easy but it is a challenging thing to do. No flash at all and just dependent on the lights coming from the stage and the spotlight. I was also using the zoom feature (3x) of the camera to have a closer shot of perspiring Enrique. Using a tripod will be alright but if you are sitting at the center of the screaming fans, it is irrelevant.

Most of my shots during the concert were shaky-blurred Enrique! Luckily, there were some shots of him that were quite worth sharing as shown above and the link provided.

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