Newsbeat… the fascinating Emirates & Dubai


My initial part of my homecoming … a stopover today in Dubai airport from Heathrow airport (London). Some of the fascinating scenes and the people I met during my travel.

I feel relax and the first time that I had a sound sleep, played games and watched three movies (The Proposal, X-men, and Night inside the Museum). This is posted inside Dubai airport just after completing the xray inspection of my hand carry, arriving at very early morning of Sunday, 5 Sept.

Thank you Vanessa (one of the Emirates Filipina stewardees who made my flight enjoyable and relaxing)… You are a friendly beautiful lady and Emirates is lucky to have you on board with A380 (airbus double decker)! Hope to see you soon in my next flight with Emirates and of course maximising my frequent flyer membership, Skywards…

I feel at home when I arrived Dubai Airport today (midnight) as soon  I could recognise our kababayan at the Duty Free shop area.  As usual, I had my poses with them and sharing these images with you now. Who knows, when you visit Dubai Airport as your stopover, then maybe by chance you will meet them at Rolex shop.

This is my first visit to Dubai airport and I think one of the best airports in the world that every where has access to internet, free of charge, including outlets for mobiles and laptops.

Well, this is not my first and last visit… I might work here in the future!

dubai airport1 dubai airport

dubai airport2 emirates3

Im sure I will be flying again with Emirates and enjoy my Skywards membership. If you forgot to be a frequent flyer, then it is easy to claim your points from your previous flights (not more than a year from the time you booked it). You can register online and advise Emirates about your itenary, including your boarding details.

My next destination is Bangkok, Thailand to attend the 50th anniversary of Asian Institute of Technology. Watch out for my next post…More images and stories to come!

emirates emirates1 emirates_vanessa

dubai dubai3 dubai1


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