Tayo na sa Australia!

australiaThe Australian Government thru the cooperation of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Philippines) and the Australia Trade Commission is currently promoting Australia in the Philippines by having an exhibition on the wonders of the Land Down Under in participating shopping malls in the country from September 3 to 2 October 2009 in the following malls: The Podium ( Sept 3-7); SM City North Edsa (Sept 8-14); SM Mall of Asia (Sept 17-23); and SM Megamall (Sept 24- 2 Oct).

I was surprised that our alumni association (Philippine Australian Alumni Association, Inc. PA3i) did not mention about this event. I did my research program at the Uni of Queensland from 2002 to 2004. Some of the prominent alumni featured in the exhibit are: Lt Gen Delfin Bangit, Rex Bernardo, Bel Castro, Dr. Norma Fajardo, Roque Magno, Mary Anne Therese Manuson, Dr. Juan Pulhin, Divina Quintana, Lt Gen Oscar Rabena, BGen Rafael Romero and Gerry Torres.australia2

When I visited SM North Edsa, I have noticed that this exhibit is set-up at the main lobby of “The Block” – the new annex of the mall (fronting Tri Noma shopping centre). One of the main features of this event is a raffle draw for a round trip ticket (courtesy of Qantas) for two by presenting receipts from accumulated purchases during the specified dates (any store/shop inside the mall) amounting to 1,000 pesos or more. I got 3 raffle tickets for my one-day shopping! But if you have receipts worth 500 pesos from shop tenants with Australian affiliations (such as Billabong, Kangaroo Jack, Chocolate) are entitled for to one coupon. The raffle draw is set on the 5th October 2009.


The exhibition provides basic facts about Australia in terms of living, working, visiting and studying, including trivia information about this land below down the Philippine islands. Some of these are as follows:

  • The top 6 countries of origin for migrants to Australia are UK, New Zealand, China, Italy, India and Philippines. The common spoken languages are English, Italian, Greek and Cantonese.
  • Aboriginal people developed the didgeridoo – a unique musical instrument made from a hollowed piece of tree branch is considered as the world’s oldest wind instrument.
  • Kate Ceberano,  Australia’s multi-awarded singer/songwriter is of Filipino heritage by having a Filipino-born father who migrated to Australia in the 1960s from Hawaii.
  • Canberra was designed by renowned architect Walter Burley Griffin. Its name is derived from a local Aboriginal word meaning, “meeting place” – having a man-made lake surrounded by a  wide expanse of bushland and wide boulevards, including sweeping vistas.
  • The Wollemi pine is believed to be representative of a now extinct group of trees that existed at the time of the dinosaurs, making it a species that has been arounf for 65 million years
  • The Twelve Apostles are giant rock stalks that rise majestically from the Southern Ocean which created by constant erosion of limestone cliffs of the mainland that began 10-20 million years ago with a rate of approximately 2 cm per year.
  • The Australian film industry is one of the olderst in the world. The “Story of the Kelly Gang (1906)” is also considered to be the world’s first full-length narrative film.
  • Australia exports more than 730 million litres of wine (equivalent to one billion bottles) every year.
  • Australi is the world’s third largest English-speaking destination for international students.

SO, WHAT YOU WAITING FOR, LET’S GO TO AUSTRALIA and enjoy its culture, nature and the hospitality of the Aussies!


~ by reymos on September 12, 2009.

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