Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol releases in Manila Philippines

Not to be missed!

Not to be missed!

TODAY SEPT 15 IS A SIGNIFICANT DAY FOR DAN BROWN’S FANS worldwide as the official release of his much-awaited novel, Lost Symbol – a follow up story of Robert Langdon, the symbologist.

Before I left for Manila from Northern Ireland, I already reserved (courtesy of VHSmith store at £9.99) a copy of the book to avail a discounted price. I can not wait to have the copy when I go back to Belfast next week, so I decided to grab the hard cover copy in Manila thru National Bookstore (Galleria branch). From the original price of 975 pesos (almost £12.19), I got it for 780 pesos (£9.75) only, including an A4 poster! Aside from the poster, National Bookstore offers a raffle draw for those who reserved the book.

Surprisingly, I was the first customer to claim the book and the poster. I took the opportunity to ask the branch manager (Mercy Pastrana) of the store to have a souvenir photo of myself for having the book as shown in the pictures below.

Thanks to Mercy and her staff for being friendly and having photos with me. Hope to seeing you again in my next visit to National Bookstore to submit my membership renewal being “laking national” and during the Book Fair in Manila Convention Center later part of the week.

National Bookstore dan brown

Im very excited to start reading it while riding the MRT going to my appointment in Makati and during my swimming session at Century Park Hotel (Manila).

Believe it or not, after finishing the few chapters of the book, Dan Brown did not disappoint me! He has still the charisma for storytelling as he demonstrated in Angels and Demons story!

Im hoping that I could finish the book for 1-2 days starting today and share the excitement of discovering these lost symbols, as we join Robert Langdon follow the path of secrecy. According to the book, this is a fact:

“In  1991, a document was locked in the sage of the director of the CIA. The document is still there today. Its cryptic text includes reference to an ancient portal and an unknown location underground. The document also contains the phrase, It’s buried out there somewhere.”

dan brown1 dan brown2

Watch out for my review on the world of Masonic secrets!

~ by reymos on September 15, 2009.

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