Tidbits… my holiday continuous

makatiA QUICK LIST OF WHAT I HAVE DONE AFTER SPENDING A WEEK IN MANILA. It is very hot and almost raining every day in Metro Manila since I arrived last Friday, Sept 11 (Twin Towers, New York bombing anniversary) from Bangkok.

1. Renewed my driver’s license which I spent almost 1,000 pesos, inclusive of the late renewal, medical, and processing fee.  Im also planning to get an international license which will cost me 1,800 pesos. Still have to visit the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC) for my Civil Engineer’s professional license renewal.

2. I already watched two films, “Grudge 3” and a digital Filipino film, “Manghuhula”. A little bit disappointed with the sequel of Grudge which failed to challenge my imagination. Well, expect for the 4th one…Im wishing that the next location is Asia (from New York). After so many years of not having a chance to watch Pinoy movies, I decided to watch Manghuhula – starring Eula Valdez. Unfortunately, I am still confused what is the cause of Eula’s mother death. It is a digital film which the sound is not perfectly edited. Im also planning to watch Ate Vi (Santos)’ comeback film entitled, “In My Life” next week. Watching the trailer, it seems that the film is worth watching together with my mom and sister-in-law.

3. I also renewed my “Smart Money” card which gave me headache coordinating with Smart Wireless.  I opened this card in Northern Ireland for my little savings and have something to spend during my holiday in Manila. Unfortunately, I found out that my card is already inactive and dormant for almost 2 years which Smart charged me for not having transactions. Im not aware of these terms and conditions and they did not send me a renewal card.

puerto galera

4. I also visited some malls: Tri Noma – fronting the SM North Edsa, Gateway (Araneta, Cubao), Robinson Galleria (Pasig) Glorietta, a new shopping mall besides Magallanes MRT station, Megamall and Shang-rila. I will shop in Mall of Asia (Pasay) next week, including Power Plant Mall (Makati). I have noticed that majority of the malls have wifi internet connection. Starbucks still charge 100 pesos for the internet connection card while Gloria Jeans Coffee is free of charge. I also found out that Replay Jeans store could not be found anywhere in the malls! I was disappointed… Bench and Giordano stores do not have much of merchandise except Bench has new arrival for underwears for both men and women.

5. Im still reading Dan Brown latest novel, Lost Symbol…hoping to finish before I leave Manila next week. I also started Mary Higgins Clark, “Ive heard the song before” since I left Bangkok last week.  I also bought a book which contains short stories written by a Filipino writer, including 3 books authored by Thai writers.

6. FINALLY, IM planning to have a two-day escapade in Puerta Galera (Batangas) on Sunday till Monday (21 Sept) – declared as a holiday for reminding us Pinoys of the declaration of Martial Law in the 70s.  Oopss sorry, I thought  it is intended for the Martial Law declaration but it is a holiday  for the final day of Ramadan – the Muslim annual celebration!

Note: Celebrity and political gossips? Sorry I dont have much info on this except that Noynoy Aquino got the highest approval rating during the recent survey for presidential candidacy for 2010 election. The former president, Erap Estrada is running again as Loren Legarda his VP. Manny Villar is also running and not sure if Noli de  Castro is his running mate. Mar Roxas did not push thru with his presidential plan, maybe a running mate of Noynoy.

~ by reymos on September 17, 2009.

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