Life Lines…special inspirational pocket cards for everyone

life linesWHEN I WAS IN DUBLIN (IRELAND) LATE PART OF 2008 conducting my research’s case study, I had the opportunity to visit Whitefriar Street Church – one of the historical religious buildings in the Irish urban centre.

The church has a souvenir shop where we could find several religious items, including inspirational cards like LIFE LINES. I bought five of these cards bearing strong and positive words: Respect, Focus, Motivation, Positivity and Hope.

The Life Line Pack offers inspiration, encouragement, reassurance and guidance – a motivational boost, replacing negative with positive in the search for inner peace, harmony and contentment. Life Lines – a celebration of life.

It was not a coincidence but these cards were reminding me on how to deal with my difficulty in finishing my PhD thesis. I found these cards in my souvenir box while I was  packing up my personal stuff in my rented flat prior to my holiday last month (September). It was really timely that these inspirational verses provided me the determination to complete my PhD thesis this year! I think God reminded me of these good virtues, as my cornerstone not to give up in my research. A year ago, I planned to quit due to pressure and disappointments but fortunately I was able to submit my thesis last month.

These cards somehow pushed and reminded me again to be OPTIMISTIC, have FOCUS, be MOTIVATED and have HOPE to successfully get my PhD degree!

This is the reason why I searched Life Lines on the web and contacted its owner to ask permission, allowing me to promote and publish some of these inspirational thoughts about life – having positive attitudes towards living despite adversity. Lorna & Pete Loughran (of Mourne Memories Limited) positively replied to my request and also shared the beautiful story behind these Motivating Messages (with stunning images) through Life Lines. Below is my favourite verses and if you like to read more, visit the link HERE or purchasing these inspirational cards for reasonable prices, then visit LIFE LINES website.


In life positivity really is the key

It’s the only way for you to be

Doors will open much faster for you

When you’re positive not negative and blue.

If you go through this life with a smile

Your journey will be more worthwhile

Everyone loves to see a friendly face

Complaining should not be common place.

Try and be nicer to all who you meet

Whether at home, work or out in the street

Take less for granted but appreciate more

Posivity is a gift, it shoudn’t be a chore.

Now is the time to take control

Kick-start your heart, mind, body and soul

Be more positive, starting from today

It will help you further along your way.

~ by reymos on October 6, 2009.

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