Under water photography and snorkeling in Batangas, Philippines

AT LAST I WAS ABLE TO USE MY NEW GADGET, OLYMPUS u850w camera which allows me to take both images and video 3 meters under water.  During my recent visit to Puerto Galera (Batangas), Philippines – southwest of Metro Manila and one hour away by ferry from Batangas port,  I finally tested the waterproof feature of Olympus capturing the under water scenery of Coral Garden.

I was here in this beach town 9 years ago and I was stunned on how the community transformed it into a lively and localised tourist destination (alternative to the commercial atmosphere of Boracay) for short holidays.  As usual, I stayed in White Beach (northeast of Sabang) and for the first time I explored Coral Garden for 3 hours (spent almost 18 sterling pounds, 33 US dollars).

coral garden1 batangas coral garden7 batangas

coral garden6 batangas

reymos1 puerto galera

Some of the video clips taken from the camera as well.

~ by reymos on October 10, 2009.

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