Im joining Blog Action Day 2009 (15 October)

Blog Action Day 2009THIS IS MY THIRD YEAR THAT IM JOINING BLOG ACTION DAY BEING HELD EVERY 15TH OCT. In 2007, I posted in my academic/education blogsite, DigitalEnvironmentalist about Perception on Wastes – focusing on proper disposal of industrial wastes and the attitudes of various groups: generators (community and industries) and politicians. In 2oo8, I shared my thoughts on Poverty and Internet – focusing on awareness and access of online information.

This year 2009, I intend to write about the relationship between “Climate Change and Travel“, and “Climate Change and Higher Education“. Watch out for my journals on the 15th October.

If you are interested to participate and be part of this yearly online event, then click the badge at the sidebar of my blog or the Blog Action Day logo  and then register your blogs. 


UPDATES: Please read my journal posted in my academic blogsite, DigitalEnvironmentalist  on October 15 regarding Climate Change and Higher Education.

~ by reymos on October 11, 2009.

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