Spandau Ballet: A night to remember

I WAS FORTUNATE TO BE INVITED TO ATTEND the much-awaited comeback concert of Spandau Ballet. After 20 years, the boy band visited again Belfast last nite (14 October) to entertain  their avid fans (including myself watching them live for the first time) since 80s. The concert kicked-off with their new songs from their latest album, “Once More” and top-chart songs such as “Through the Barricades” and “Gold”.  The lead singer, Tony Hadley still got the elegant and well dressed persona and the golden voice – having the maturity and emotion singing their old songs.

The crowd was singing along when the band sung “Through the Barricades” which quite meaningful to the people in Belfast depicting the situation during the troubles in the 80s. As usual, I brought my digital camera and capture some parts of the performances.  Everybody was dancing when the Spandau Ballet finally sung “Gold” at the end of the concert. I really enjoyed the night as I was also remembering those old times when I was still in university humming their ballad songs.

For details of the release of their album on the 19th October and future concert tours, click HERE.


~ by reymos on October 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Spandau Ballet: A night to remember”

  1. awesome. Spandau brings lots of memories.. a great band.. wish they can include Toronto in their tour 🙂

    • Unfortunately, Canada is not covered in their 2009/2010 concert tour but if you have the chance to travel Europe and UK, then probably you can watch them.

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