Historical Tweets for Pinoy Expats Blog Awards 2009

IM SHARING MY OWN HISTORICAL TWEETS DIRECTLY FROM “THE THINKER”, the sculpture masterpiece of Auguste Rodin in 1880.  This is part of the ongoing nomination for the 2009 Pinoy Expats Blog Awards which this personal blog of mine is one of the nominees. The organiser, PEBA has successfully received the sponsorship of NOKIA thru Ovi.com. ovi logo

The website, Ovi.com allows members to have their own email accounts,  synchronise files from PC, including contacts, travel plans and calendars, or even share music and videos and access to numerous applications for videos and games. I also discovered thru Ovi’s blog that Nokia created a site called Green Explorer. According to Riitta Jantunen (author of the article, Keepin’ It Green), Green Explorer aims to “make a sustainable lifestyle easier for people.” She adds that it “is a sustainable lifestyle guide powered by Nokia, helping people to lead a greener lifestyle and discover the treasures around them. ”

The website has information on local water quality, recycling practices and public transporation; interesting discussions on the sustainable lifestyle. Finally, the site also include the World Wildlife Fund projects and UNESCO World Heritage sites around the world where members could post/write and  share their travel experiences around these places.

historical-tweetsOn the other hand, Ovi also maintains journals thru Ovi Blog and Historial Tweets is being promoted. The Historical Tweets site encourages people to share their tweets or updates – a text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length as patterned in the popular social network, Twitter established in 2006.

Historical Tweets - The Thinker

Note: The photo was taken during my visit to Paris in September 2008. This plaster replica of “The Thinker” sculpture is found inside Musee d’Orsay. The  original one was held in Musee Rodin. More than 20 copies are displayed in museums around the world in varying scales.

UPDATES: Below is the revised version of my Historical Ovi Tweets for better resolution (perspective) of the image of The Thinker.

The Thinker 2009

~ by reymos on October 21, 2009.

7 Responses to “Historical Tweets for Pinoy Expats Blog Awards 2009”

  1. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  2. I received emails concerning my historical figure as part of the Ovi tweets. In particular, comments from Niini herself from Ovi Nokia blog, as she posted in the blog said that, “It’s cool..” Watch out because she told me that my tweet will be featured very soon in Ovi blog! I got a comment from Historical Tweets’ blogteam as well, thanking me of having their site linked from my journal.

  3. […] awards on the 26th October, 2009. If you fancy to find out who is the lucky historical figure, then CLICK HERE. I will be posting more of these historical tweets in a regular basis. Watch out for this, […]

  4. Comments thru email:

    Hi, Reymos!

    Thanks for your response!! Could you maybe send me the Photoshop file of the Tweet? I could then just forward it to our creative agency, it would make their (and my!) work a lot easier!

    The post will probably be live some time next week, I’ll of course let you know when 🙂 We’ll also point traffic your way through linking. Would it be too much to ask for you to make another post/mention in return of the Tweets when we do the post on our site..? 🙂 Just linking to our blog would be enough!

    Thanks again, Reymos!!


  5. Comments thru email:

    Hi, Reymos!

    My name is Niini and you posted a couple of comments to the Ovi Blog 🙂 Like I said in my reply today, I LOVED your historical Ovi tweet!! I’m just so super happy that people have warmed up to the Tweets (and Ovi, at the same time) and even been inspired enough to create their own!

    What I wanted to ask you was that could we post your Ovi Tweet on the blog? What can I say, Ovi loves its fans, and I’d absolutely love to share it with the rest of our readers! I still have to run this by my boss Madho (http://blog.ovi.com/jason-madhosingh/) but I’m sure he’ll be on board as well 🙂

    Also, we’re in the process of turning the Ovi tweets into T-shirts, and I could probably get you one as well, if you’d like! I’ll ask you for your address details, T-shirt sizes etc. later, but for now I’d like to get your tweet published, so if that’s ok with you, I’ll get the process moving. Do you mind if we polish the tweet a bit, add an official Ovi logo, that kind of stuff?

    Greetings from Finland!


  6. […] Other historical tweets posted here include DAVID (Michelangelo) and THE THINKER (Auguste Rodin) […]

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