Historic Ovi Tweets from David!

David Historic Ovi Tweets

This is my second historic ovi tweets which will be my official entry to PEBA’s competition. I took the photograph during my first ever memorable visit in Florence last June 2008. Believe me, the city is one of the best cities in the world!  If I have the choice to live permanently in Europe, I will definitely choose Florence – the place where I could explore my passion in painting and photography…

UPDATES:  I received via email comments from Niini that David’s tweet to AL GORE (US x-VP) might be featured in Ovi Blog. Well, I cant wait to see David in Ovi Blog  and  he is also excited to sign a modelling contract with Nokia Green Explorer to promote Global Warming.

~ by reymos on October 27, 2009.

7 Responses to “Historic Ovi Tweets from David!”

  1. PEBA already updated the Nokia OVI post…
    please care to see the other contributions.

    Thanks as always!

  2. Email from Niini of Ovi Blog:

    Hey there!

    YES! That tweet looks absolutely perfect! We actually decided with Madho (my boss) that we’re gonna publish every fan tweet as they are, so we’re not gonna edit them at all, because we’ve been receiving some really fantastic artwork! Yours is definitely one of them 😉

    I’ll definitely keep reading your blog from now on. Also, as of right now we’re planning to have the fan tweet post at the end of next week (around Thursday or Friday), or as soon as I get all the submitted tweets from the guys at PEBA.

    Thanks again, Reymos!!


  3. The tweet is looking great… good work! 🙂

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