My first ever published literary and photographic works

artisanTUP-MANILA, PHILIPPINES. I started by university life in 1982 at the Technological University of the Philippines (Manila campus). To have a balance academic life aside from being a university scholar (Techonology Resource Center Foundation under the former First Lady Imelda Marcos), I participated in various students activities, joining clubs and the school publication, The Philippine Artisan. From a staff writer then as a Literary/Feature Editor on my second year of appointment, it was a challenging task for me considering that I had difficulty in English writing during those early years of my life (well until now Im still struggling to write…hehehe).

EVEN THOUGH I had experience back in my high school years, being involved in a government university’s paper (aka school organ) was much tougher and the pressure was bigger considering that sometimes we could not write what we want to express on print! In other words, censorship existed along the way prior to publication.

Anyway, my first article was about my attendance in the National Techno Club Convention held in Tacloban City (also my first visit to Imelda’s hometown). The article was accompanied by my first ever photo of Madame Imelda and it was also my first ever image printed and circulated in my university in 1983! Looking at the angle of the shot, it seems that I already have the natural eye in photography and imaging… what do you think?

artisan1Techno Club was a nationwide program under Marcos regime that served as a potent arm for developing self-reliance among Filipinos with memberships of 1 million from communities, schools ( in all levels) in the 80s. Majority of the student members were scholars and I was one of them!

ON THE OTHER HAND, I LOVE TO WRITE POEMS… not much in English but in Tagalog (Filipino language). Again, two of my first poetic works were also published in The Philippine Artisan. One of them is featured here… looking back and thinking what was the motivation in writing this poem, I can only remembered that I was inspired to write these verses after watching Ate Vi’s (Santos, the Philippine actress) movie in 1983 entitled, Paano Ba Ang Mangarap? which currently serialized in the Philippines (GMA Channel 7).



Paano mangarap ang dakilang dukha?
Wika nga nila’y isang kahig ‘sang tuka
Sa masalimuot na sandaigdigan
Tanging anak-pawis nitong sambayanan.

Paano mangarap ang taong mayaman?
Lahat ng kailanga’y nasa paanan
Alahas, pera, damit, at mga pagkain
Samakatuwid walang alalahanin

Paano ba mangarap ang isang mangmang?
Di nakapag-aral nang mataas na antas
Upang iguhit sariling kapalaran
Ngayon, bukas, sa taun-taong daraan.

Paano mangarap ang may kapansanan?
Sa kanyang katawan, kanyang kaisipan
Kung tutuusin, walang silbing nilalang
Bagama’t sila’y bahagin ng lipunan

Paano ba mangarap ang mga ulila?
Walang nag-aalaga’t nag-aaruga
Maga ambisyon sa panaginip na lamang
Buong tatanggapin ang kahihinatnan

Laging nakikintal sa puso’t isipan …
Panahong nakalaan – ang kinabukasan
Ang mga  pangarap, maisakatuparan
Ang buong tagumpay nawa’y makakamtan!

LOOKING BACK 23 YEARS AGO, it seems that Ive gone too far – the way I express myself through writing. Being an engineer (having more fun of numbers), it is really difficult to articulate the things that Im thinking and putting them into writing. But, this is not a hindrance to continue my passion thru blogging and Im sure some of my readers will agree… I have soooo much things to share every day to everyone but sometimes with my present work and commitments Im struggling to post regularly. Well, what matters most is not the quantity of the posts but the QUALITY of information that Im sharing to my readers in my blogsite! This is also the reason why that this blogsite will be part of a bigger, better mother portal…

My world is getting smaller every day is changing… is having a major makeover and expect that bloggers like you will be part of it! Watch out for it … MY BLOGSPHERICAL WORLD OF LIVING… is coming soon before 2009 ends!


~ by reymos on October 31, 2009.

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  1. Thanks for your this.

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