Up Close and Personal: My American dream

GETTING TO KNOW MORE ABOUT ME! Some of my fav shots during my travels… For instance, my first visit to the US will always be on my top snapshot list, having the Twin Towers as my backdrop while visiting Statue of Liberty in New Jersey/NewYork, including my visit inside the While House (red, blue and green rooms).

New York 1996

Lady Liberty and I...


The twin towers and I...


The White House and I...

Unfortunately, I could not duplicate these images anymore considering that the tallest buildings are gone for good, while the free guided tour for the President Obama’s office is limited to the public. Well, having a pose with Lady Liberty is free, except that you have to buy a ferry ticket to get there and having a short glimpse of the panoramic view of both cities (NY/NJ) from her crown is once again accessible to the public from July 2009.

Thirteen years ago I was fortunate to see and explore the city that “never sleeps” and Im looking forward to be there in 2010! During my short stay, I was able to watch U2 concert and of course Miss Saigon in Broadway (seated 3 rows from the stage).

Photos taken during my US trips in 1996, 1997, 2006 and 2007 are accessible via my FLCKR account

~ by reymos on November 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “Up Close and Personal: My American dream”

  1. How lucky of u to have a photo of the twin towers before 9/11. When I went there in 2004, we only saw the memorial site.

    Lady Liberty was nice but I wasted a whole half day queuing up to go up Empire State Building. In retrospect, I should have spent that half day walking around NYC instead.

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