L-ovi-D it: Historic Ovi (NOKIA) Tweets Fans live @ ovi.com blog

nokia_ovi23I L-ovi-D it! Im ovi-r excited looking at these historic sweets featured in Ovi.com today shared by fans, in particular the tweets from PEBA (Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards) nominees like myself. My tweet from David (Michelangelo’s sculpture) to Al-Gore (x-VP of America) is chosen second winner after Cyrano de Bergerac’s tweetOvirpowering blogsites to Esmond Rostand of another PEBA nominee, Isla ni Nebz got first place.

So, what do you waiting for, click the LINK HERE and see for yourself! You might have your own historic tweets to share to OviBlog then have a go…

ON THE OTHER HAND, I also created some graphics using the images of my friend’s E71 Nokia handset. I was contemplating to join the NOKIA’s InnOviate Competition but not able to download a photo application from its Store website. I used the existing photo feature of my friend’s E71 unit to capture my ideas about Ovi application!

Since Nokia is the major sponsor of PEBA and being a nominee for such prestigious event and with my full support to the organisation, Im featuring Nokia Ovi in my creative work as shown here and in my personal choice of the OVI-rpowering TOP TEN BLOGSITES  to be shared here very soon! Watch out for this…

Ovi feeling!

Innoviating with NOKIA

~ by reymos on November 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “L-ovi-D it: Historic Ovi (NOKIA) Tweets Fans live @ ovi.com blog”

  1. Congrats for bagging the second prize on Nokia’s OVI Tweet.

    NOKIA’s InnOviate Competition ends tonite, I hope you made it to the competition.

    God bless.

  2. you are updating latest informations on this blog its too good i rely like this blog.

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