Happy 5th browsing birthday… Firefox

explorerINTERNET EXPLORER dominated the browsing business since the www invades our online communication and I cant imagine myself without Explorer in my notebook. Few months ago my explorer browser broke down after upgrading to the latest version (V.7) via free upload website. I bought my notebook in 2006 with Explorer V.6 and prior to the break down constant automated reminders  pop-up the screeen recommending to upgrade my IE browser to a faster and efficient browsing experience.

At first, I was doubting it because of numerous spammers attacking my harddrive, including my virus scan software (VGA). I have legal copies installed in my notebook, however, most of the time while opening various websites (blogs, youtube, etc.) the spams are activated and reminding to upgrade…blablablah. In other words, I was convinced to upgrade to the new version, but after awhile it was ok, and but then the problem occurred when I had my short holiday in Manila and Bangkok.

I was excited to do my regular blogging while visiting the shopping malls since most of them have wireless connections, including Starbucks and other coffee shops. I dont know but, I could not even connect thru my latest Explorer browser! I was hopeless and disappointed… wished that I did not upgrade it at the first place. So, most of the time, I have to pay visiting internet coffees/shops just to update my blogs and send emails.

AFTER MY HOLIDAY I consulted my colleague at uni on how to resolve thfirefoxis browsing problem. He suggested to try Mozilla/Firefox. Before I decided to change my browser, I visited several sites to find out more about it and other browsers just to be assured that I will not encounter problems in the future. Finally, I decided to install FIREFOX and now it is perfectly working!

WELL, FIVE YEARS AGO (NOVEMBER 9) FIREFOX became instrumental in making the web a better place for blogging thru WORDRESS. According to the wordpress statistics, Firefox shared almost 46% of the browser users, followed by Internet Explorer (39%). For more information, please CLICK HERE.

~ by reymos on November 11, 2009.

3 Responses to “Happy 5th browsing birthday… Firefox”

  1. FF is definitely better than IE. I used it since 2007. Happy birthday ‘fox

  2. Thanks for dropping by my site.

    Great pictures from your travel!

  3. Thank you for the post. I’d been using Mozilla Firefox for almost 3 years now and have been recommending it to my friends.

    Happy Anniversary to FF.

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