My personal choice: A dozen of over-powering PEBA’s (Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards) 2009 nominees!

nokia_ovi20THIS IS MY PERSONAL PICK!  I’m warning you guys that this is my own top list from the 37 nominees (representing 21 countries) vying for the 2009 PEBA. You may agree or disagree but  this is it – my selection!  I want you to read their blogs to find out why I chose them as my over-powering blogs by Filipinos abroad/overseas. You can share your own top 12 fav list too!

BEFORE I INTRODUCE my blogroll may I briefly introduce the organiser behind this annual award? Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards (PEBA) aims to recognise the talent and creativeness of Filipino bloggers around the world thru online writing/communication. Thus, the blogsites “advocate the welfare of overseas Filipino workers and strengthen the freedom of speech as well as the right to information”.

In 2008, PEBA awarded 10 bloggers and if you are interested to find out my personal choice from this top ten click the links (in particular order): USA, Australia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and Japan! For this year with the theme, “Filipino abroad, hope of the nation, gift of the world”, PEBA accepted 37 nominees and this is really a tough job for the judges to narrow down the list! Well, maybe having my personal choice, it might help them making their tasks easier – agreeing to my top 12! I visited these blogs several times just to find out the motivations of the bloggers for sharing their blogs, not only for the Pinoy community worldwide but to the rest of the web users.2009 PEBA Nominees

My selection is also guided by PEBA criteria, however it is influenced by my own interpretations and preferences which means that I chose them because of the following: length of blogging (number of months); contents/style of writing and coverage; lay-out/template; and persuasion/influence towards the readers.

I observed that most of the nominees only met the 6 months length of blogging. My interpretation is that most of them do blogging only this year, and maybe it is because their motivation is to be recognised thru PEBA, not because of having the blog for uplifting our spirit and aspiration as Filipinos working/studying/living abroad! Indeed, there is always exception for this criterion and there are some really inspiring which I included in my list. Secondly, it is not “quantity” over “quality” in terms of contents. Blogging for me is sharing any thing (on a personal basis) – from travelling to photography, or studying to part time working, even books that Ive read and the films that Ive watched. It is derived from my “inspiration” to share my experiences living abroad!

There is no problem of using our Filipino language, but I think it is more fitting to the PEBA theme/objectives if we could balance our writing using both English and Filipino to reach out not only for our kababayan but for the rest of the cyber users.

Thirdly, since majority of the nominees are using free providers such blogspot/blogger and wordpress,  then bloggers have access to numerous templates available in a regular basis. Blogging is an experimental endeavour, thus it is a challenge for a blogger to improve the appearance of the blog and become a user-friendly site for navigation. I don’t like google ads to be incorporated in my blogsite. I love Google but not in my blogs so I prefer no adverts messing around the blog pages. Lastly, this is not “popularity” to make our blogs meaningful to others, but it is more on how the blogs influence the readers to have their own blogs or improve their existing blogs, or even inspire to try something (like travelling, photography, cooking, reading) worth doing; or for the sake of informing our relatives and friends about our lives overseas; and even bringing interesting places to our readers closer without really going overseas. For example, my travel page aims to share my excitement visiting these places to people (including friends and relatives) who could not afford to travel but having the same enjoyment as if they are with me touring these places and taking hundreds of photos.

By the way, the number comments could be used as a benchmark for “persuasion” but most of the time visitors don’t really bother to write their comments, except if you know the blogger personally. Ive noticed that the top five 2008 awardees did not receive much comments (or no comment at all) during their early blogging!

NOW, IF YOU ALREADY CONVINCED with my criteria then Im inviting you to discover my top 12 (excluding my blogsite). As part of my admiration to these bloggers, their blogs will be part of my blog pages and I will be a regular commentator of their journals from now on!

Euroangelsgermany Josephilsaraspe Palipasan Hulascoop Thepinktarha Chookmidersquill Pinoybro Styleshanghai Lyzius Isladenebz KablogieButalidnl

Congratulations and good luck with your nomination! The best and overpowering Pinoy blogs win! The awarding ceremony will be held on the 26th December, 2009 at the Ang Bahay ng Alumni Convention Hall, UP, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines.

~ by reymos on November 12, 2009.

7 Responses to “My personal choice: A dozen of over-powering PEBA’s (Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards) 2009 nominees!”

  1. Nice choice bro. Good luck to all of our entries. have a nice day!

  2. Wow, I am utterly tickled to be included in your personal choice for the Top 12 nominees for PEBA 2009, honestly I’m incredibly honored.

    The truth is that being a newbie in this blogging world with barely 10 months of blogging experience to date, it is humbling to be included in the stellar group of 37 nominees.

    I am just one ordinary OFW among the 37 nominees dispersed around the world trying to share my thoughts and shed lights in this borderless world of blogging.

    Good luck to the 37 hopefuls and thank you for your insightful comments.

  3. Interesante!hehehe! kakatuwa din ang selections mo ng top 12 blogs! Hindi ba pwedeng top 13 tapos isingit mo ako (hahah parang si Hudas lang pang labing 13!hahah) Joke lang pre

    Gudlak sa ating lahat kung sino man ang manalo deserve nya kasi ang maging OFW ay isa nang bagay na maipagmamalaki!

    Ingat pre

  4. Hi! I am so speechless knowing that you find my blog one of your top 12…it really inspires me as i sail here in the atlantic ocean with my new assigned ship.

  5. […] my top 12 list – a dozen of my personal pick from the 37 nominees! Find out more about it, CLICK HERE.     FILM GUIDE : One of my favourite past times (aside from blogging) is watching suspense, […]

  6. Thank you. This is flattering.

  7. Parang kulang ng isa. Ang blog na MY WORLD IS GETTING SMALLER… ay dapat kasali rin!

    Thanks for including The Chook-minder’s Quill as one of your top 12 blogs for 2009 PEBA. Wow! o”,) Dapat galingan ko pa!

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