Series 1 – Bayani: Courtesy of Miss Juana Change

THIS IS ABOUT OVERSEAS FILIPINO WORKERS (OFWs).  Miss Juana Change is a new internet Filipina star, not comparable to the British Got Talent runner up, Susan Boyle but she’s getting  positive reviews among Pinoys locally and overseas! In this video clip, she tells her plight being a DH (domestic helper) to a passenger seated beside her, no other than our own Filipino national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal!

“They’re very far away from the Philippines, and the distance makes it harder to connect. But I hope that even if the OFWs have many other concerns, they would continue to maintain their connection … to make sure the Filipino in them and in their children – in the way they think, the way they relate to each other… to the betterment of their country.” – Mae Paner

Im making this a series in my blog as a simple way of sharing what Miss Change wants to say to our kababayan around the world!  A commercial and actress Mae Paner is the woman behind the character of Miss Change who has the passion in Philippine politics and current issues about Filipinos locally and abroad!  It is also very interesting to note that her name has two-sided meanings: “want a change – calling for action” or “wala nang change – to give in to what’s happening”. So kabayan, what side you belong?

~ by reymos on November 22, 2009.

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