A tribute to my parents

I AM VERY PROUD FOR HAVING FILIPINO PARENTS! Every day I wish my parents are beside me as they also having a wishful thinking that Im back in the Philippines with the family. Im happy that they are still “alive and kicking” enjoying the life with their 10 children and 24 grandkids (one is coming very soon). Most of the time, they are complaining why I dont bother to contact them, but honestly, even though I dont call often, it does not mean that Im ignoring them!

My parents and the family are the reason

why Im always away from home!

Today is not a special day to express my love and affection to the people who worked hard just to give me and my other siblings a brighter future. Every single moment of the day is a special moment to show my appreciation and acknowledgment for my parents’ unconditional love!  Im very lucky to be loved …

The video (courtesy of youtube) is a simple way of expressing my desire for my parents to travel abroad and be with me… giving them the chance to know me as an adult; and giving myself the chance to share my world to them as they first shared their world to me, 44 years ago and until now!

Maraming salamat sa kalinga at pag-aruga… dahil sa inyong walang sawang pagmamahal sa ‘kin at sa aking mga kapatid, ang aming kinabukasan ay puno ng pag-asa!

~ by reymos on December 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “A tribute to my parents”

  1. Happy Birthday bro, wala ng makahihigit pa sa tunay na pagmamahal kundi pagmamahal ng magulang sa kanyang mga anak. Tulad ng Pagmamahal ng Panginoon sa kanyang mga nilikha, magpasalamat tayo sa Kanya sa pagkakaloob ng mapagmahal magulang sa kanilang katauhan.

    Purihin ka bilang isang ulirang anak.

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