A preXmas/bday gift from Nokia

IT ARRIVED LAST WEEK! I was working when it was delivered to the house and nobody was there to receive it. The DHL delivery man left a notice card for me to arrange for re-delivery. My housemate was surprised that I have a package from Finland! I told him that it was a Xmas/bday gift from Santa Claus! But later on, I confessed to him that it was my prize from winning second place in NOKIA Historical Ovi Tweet  contest organised by PEBA (Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards) .

I also received a note from Niini (contact person from Ovi.com) saying that: “Here’s your T-shirt fresh from the print, I’ hoping you’ll like it as much as we loved your historial ovi tweet. Thanks for being a fan!”

Yes… I L-ovi-d it and thank you very much for sending this T-shirt. This is a very special and memorable for me as a perfect birthday/preXmas present. It is timely to wear this shirt in line with the on-going UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (Denmark).

@AL_GORE Hey look at me this is the real (in)convenient truth of Global Warming. Im expecting the modelling contract from Nokia’s Green Explorer thru Ovi files. Contact Micheangelo’s ASAP for details… 08 Sep 1504 Florence

 For additional information about this Historical Ovi tweet as a regular feature of my blog, CLICK HERE.

~ by reymos on December 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “A preXmas/bday gift from Nokia”

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  2. I am amazed with it. It is a good thing for my research. i have a blog about gifts too, please come visit my site when u have time ^_^

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