Environmental tweets for our world leaders at UN Climate Change Conference

This is a simple way to be heard by our world leaders. Send your messages while they are still listening on the final day of the Climate Change conference  in Copenhagen (Denmark). Click the image/photo above to be directed straight to the site. CCCC is an ongoing two-weeks event where leaders from 192 countries convene to discuss on an overrated environmental problem, Climate Change.

Climate change is a 100-year problem we should not try to fix it in 10 years. (Cool it, Bjorn Lomborg, Denmark)

Leaders of the world, there is so much time to do in so little time, so when you make this choice think about the world and how it should end. (Marcos Fernandez, Brazil)

Please expose the false science of global warming that was uncovered via emails sent by the scientists from the University of Anglia (Carlos A. USA)

Climate change is not an opportunity for profit. It is a call for developed nations to pay their historical ecologic debt. (Elysian Bukid, Philippines)

80% of global warming comes from animal farming. Get the bottom of the truth. Educate all. The future of our planet is in your hands (Gurdev Kaur, Singapore)

I do hope that the developing countries will get the fair financial deals in reducing the catastrophic effects of global warming (if this is really happening or this is a politically-created crisis). Truly, Im very skeptical about this environmental issue, but having this gathering might increase the awareness of the people to think about saving our Mother Earth’s resources for the future’s generations.

~ by reymos on December 17, 2009.

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