TGIF: Thanks God I’m a Filipino


 I auditioned (by phone) for the first series of PINOY BIG BROTHER in 2005. One of the questions was:  Are you willing to  wear a swimming trunk on screen!? My answer was a big YES!  Until now Im still interested to join this reality tv if the opportunity comes in the future!

I met the former President of the Philippines, FIDEL V. RAMOS in 2003, way back in Brisbane Australia. He was donating books to the Southern Queensland University (Toowoomba) where my close friend teaches Remote Sensing courses.

I had a quick chat with one of our best Filipino actresses, NORA AUNOR at the Ninoy Aquino International airport in 1997.  Wherever she is now, hope she is doing well off-screen!

I watched the musical, MISS SAIGON in three different locations: New York, Belfast and Manila. Overall, the production in CCP (Manila) was the best, despite the low quality in audio.

I had the chance to meet one of the band members of the British Pop Band (BLUE), SIMON WEBBE at Manila Hotel.

… more to go!

~ by reymos on February 28, 2010.

13 Responses to “TGIF: Thanks God I’m a Filipino”

  1. ahhh that’s awesome!! they had the Miss Saigon here in Brisbane, but for some reason i missed it — now i can’t even remember why.. LoVe the pics — and thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Miss Saigon is one of the best productions ever! I had the chance to watch the play, Vagina Monologue at UQ’s Theatre. I think the cinema was already closed since 2004. We even watched the OSCARS Awards in this cinema!

  2. ahhh.. i’ve heard so much about the Vagina Monologue — now, it is one of my list of things to see…. hhmm.. i really should be more ‘cultured’.. one of the things i want to do, is to see more of theatre, at least sit through one orchestra, a few plays, and perhaps enjoy a nice evening of opera… hmmm..

    but first, definitely i must see the Miss Saigon (when they have another show again — hopefully soon!)..

  3. Ayos itong self-trivia mo ah! o”,) Hindi sana sina Jayson Gainza at Sam Milby ang sikat ngayon. I am also interested to join Pinoy Big Brother.

    …can’t believe tha Philippine government donating books to USQ! Du’n ka ba nag post-graduate study? The Japanese Garden is my favorite spot in USQ!

    The superstar has just undergone cosmetic enhancement in Japan, and will be back in the Philippine showbizns soon.

    • Tama ka dyan…pero ok na rin dahil kung naging sikat na ko, baka hindi ko na pinansin ang PEBA at wala ako rito sa Inglatera ngayon at marahil di ko rin alam ang blogsite mo! Being part of this reality show is quite challenging and exciting.

      Well, it was a personal donation – the former President gave copies of his own publications thru his NGO. The Consul General inviited me to attend the book donation as a representative of the students community from Uni of Queensland (UQ) as a way of supporting Ramos project. The photo below was courtesy of UQ when I was selected as one of the models of the uni for marketing purposes.

      Thanks for the updates about Ms Aunor. Her comeback might be a surprise to everyone back in the Philippines.

  4. Thank you for sharing your self-trivia, actually i was contemplating to make one for my posts soon. Wow, you had been interviewed pala sa first PBB, hehehe, if you are selected, tiyak na instant celebrity ka na ngaun.

    It never cross my mind to join reality shows, but i hope that I could watch our Pinoy theatrical talents like Leah and Monique kahit sa CCP lang. I used to watch plays sa CCP before during my college days.

    And thank you for mentioning Nora A. plus posting her pic, I’m one of the bakya fans of her and I’m looking forward for her return to the big screen soon.

    I’ll be waiting for your next series of this post, God bless.

    • Maybe someday I will do a reality travel program, showcasing interesting places of the Philippines or maybe a radio program that allows me to keep in touch with friends around the world. The part two of this journal will be posted very soon! Speaking of theatrical shows, I recently watched the Sound of Music, twice already! It was an enjoyable musical.

  5. mabuhay ka bro !! maybe you should host your own reality show in future hehe 😉

    Nora is still doing gigs. I believe she’s doing one in Toronto this year 🙂

    • Hi thanks for the updates about Nora. She should do more credible films. On the other hand, I might have my own radio program as well! Watch out for this.

  6. just dropping to say HELLO 🙂

  7. thats wonderful! wish ko ma meet in sila, including the queen of england, hehe. Sana, meet mo rin ako, seems you know where are the right people are.

    • Hello Francesca. Nice to hear you again thru my blog. Well, I had the chance to meet the Queen of England when she visited Brisbane Australia in March 2002. Unfortunately, not in face-to-face encounter but from a distance while she was on parade – doing her normal royal waving hands! Sure, I know that you visit London often so maybe someday we can meet-up or maybe I will visit you in France during my European tour!

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