Wanted: Benedicto Cabrera (Bencab) Paintings

Two of the paintings by our Filipino National Artist, Benedicto Cabrera were stolen while in transit via FedEx from Los Angeles to Singapore. These missing acrylic canvas artworks include the “Twins” and “Three Women” were part of the  exhibition in AndrewShire Gallery in Los Angeles (USA). The paintings were sold to a buyer with a gallery in Singapore.


By any chance, if you found these paintings somewhere please contact the painter at (+63 74) 442-7165, email bencabartfoundation@gmail.com or the Bencab Museum Baguio (Philippines).

UPDATES: I had the chance to visit the museum last 11 Nov 2011. I spoke to one of the staff about these stolen paintings. I found out that until now these artworks are not recovered! For more additional photos and stories about the museum CLICK HERE.

~ by reymos on March 14, 2010.

6 Responses to “Wanted: Benedicto Cabrera (Bencab) Paintings”

  1. wow.. those are beautiful, beautiful works of art… i hope they are found soon, and in the same condition…

  2. Passing by from kablogs. Your entry caught my eyes because Bencab’s museum now stands in the community I grew in.

    I too do hope they be found soon.

  3. Hope to meet Bencab in person.

  4. hi, this is very useful for me to write the comment on the blog..
    and then am proudly say that, this is the first blog comment in my life..
    thanks a lot…

  5. My recent visit to the museum was a revelation of the talent that Ben Cabrera showed thru his collection. Im impressed about his wood carving collections. Visiting the museum is a must-do thing while in Baguio, Philippines.

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