Jamming with PinoyRadioUK…and Pinoy friends from London


An online radio station broadcasting 24/7 around the world. The live remote broadcast was done during the outreach program of the Philippine Embassy (UK) held both at the City Belfast Hospital and the Filipino store, Manila. Mr. Sonny Laragan is the station manager with regular live program every Monday-Friday, 9-11pm.


A rare opportunity to meet Pinoys working with PNB (Europe). Lorraine and Loren are the representatives to introduce the bank's remittance services to Pinoys living in Northern Ireland. A quick tour around the city centre of Belfast, went shopping to Victoria Square and a ride in Belfast Wheel. Unfortunately, the wheel is not currently available after dominating Belfast skyline for almost 2.5 years. It was removed in April 2010.

~ by reymos on March 29, 2010.

4 Responses to “Jamming with PinoyRadioUK…and Pinoy friends from London”

  1. cool… looks like you folks had fun ! 🙂

    • Hi bw, it was fun jamming with Pinoy friends during the outreach programme sponsored by the Philippine Embassy. Being part of the PinoyRadioUK is worth sharing to the Filipino community around the world.

  2. wow — looks like it was an awesome event! love it 🙂

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