Filipinos (aka Pinoys): celebrating 112 years of independence


FILIPINOS ARE EVERYWHERE … inside the church in Vatican City,  along a busy city street of London or inside the train station in Helsinki, or even inside the Caribbean cruise ship, Im sure there is always a smiling PINOY to greet you – Kumusta Kabayan!

Despite being away from the home country Filipinas (Philippines),  Pinoys embrace the culture and lifestyle of their adopted country of residence.  They also bring what their mother land had taught them to keep the Filipino spirit and hospitality alive through their families and communities overseas.  This is the main reason why the sense of belongingness  is felt in the adopted home – being accepted as modern “nomads” who search for better life!

FILIPINOS are  fun-loving individuals and always treasure what their ancestors did to gain  independence 112 years ago from the colonial rule of Spain. From then on, Pinoys remember this significant moment and share it anywhere in the world. Through the years,  Philippine Independence Day celebrations are held to commemorate this  freedom and obsess to bring Filipinos together amidst the corruption, poverty and economic crisis back home.

IN NORTHERN IRELAND alone, there are now more than 2,500 Filipinos living in this Irish isle, not to mention those thousands who are based in the south, the Republic of Ireland. For almost five years (since I arrived in 2005), I witnessed the struggle of the Filipino communities to organise “one big event in one big venue” in Belfaast to celebrate the  independence day. Unfortunately, in those years I was not lucky enough to fully celebrate this important event as the same enthusiasm I always feel in the past while joining the celebration in Luneta Park (Bagumbayan), Manila.

This year might be a memorable time for me to celebrate this historical annual event in Belfast. Surprisingly, there are two main events organised to entertain Pinoys as part of the independence commemoration: PISTA SA NAYON and KAPAMILYA FIESTA WORLD.  Pista sa Nayon/Barrio Fiesta in Northern Ireland is a two-day program sponsored by GMA (Channel 7) group to be held on June 19-20 at Stormont Pavilion, while the Fiesta World is sponsored by ABS-CBN (TFC/Channel 2) set on July 4 in Odyssey Arena. Details and highlights for each event are as follows:

 PISTA SA NAYON: – 19-20 June, Pavilion Stormont

Guest stars include a Hollywood celebrity MICHAEL COPON who starred in One Tree Hill, Power Rangers Time Force and Scorpion King 2. For Michael filmbio click HERE; a Filipino comedian,  INDAY GARUTAY – a regular stand-up comedian of Punchline, Laffline, Metro Comedy Bar. More info for Inday, click HERE.  Also, a former leading lady of the musical Miss Saigon is invited to entertain the crowd . She is IMA CASTRO who recorded duets with Enrique Iglesias and David Pomeranz and she portrayed Kim in Miss Saigon in Asia, Dublin, Portugal and the UK.  Click HERE  for further info about Ms. Castro.

Finally, the recent winner of the BBC’s Dance Like Michael Jackson contest, ANIMAINEAX – they are brilliant young British-Filipino dancers who conquered the British reality tv shows!  Watch the video clip (from Youtube) and find out why they are unbelievable dancers. 

For additional information, please contact the following:  (Stallholders)  PINOY EVENTS: 0845 838 7880 / 0207 096 1246; (Flores De Mayo / Santacruzan)  THET RIVERA: 07919043355 or KATYA GALLO: 07540424619; and (Performers for the 2-Day Programme), DITDIT LANDA: 07717452006 or JOJO BELMONTE: 07961056006.

KAPAMILYA WORLD FIESTA:  04 July, Odyssey Arena 

Expected Kapamilya guest celebrities include: DIETHER OCAMPO, ANGELICA PANGANIBAN, and JOHN LLOYD CRUZ.  This is the second international leg after a big success celebration in Spain way back in 2007. This is another an awaited event to reconnect with families and friends in the UK!

For free tickets or “passports” reservations,  call KCC Productions  at 07919652573  or 07989 403904, email address: kcc.  The tickets are also available at Manila – the Filipino Store with phone numbers: 02890244129 or 07828095361.

I DO WISH THAT THESE forthcoming events will bring joy to everyone, particularly to Pinoys  in Northern Ireland who continuously love and care for our beloved country. With the worldwide celebrations of the Philippine Independence, Im hoping that Filipinos will be more united  and be supportive to the newly elected leaders of our country – for the betterment of our countrymen!

Mabuhay ka Kabayan! Mabuhay ang Lupang Hinirang…

~ by reymos on June 10, 2010.

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