ASAP 101: Amazing Stories About Pinoy

AMAZING STORIES ABOUT PINOY (ASAP) is my newest subsection in my blogsite showcasing interesting stories of our kababayan both in local and abroad scenes.  I was inspired to have this in my site after watching the  Kababayan LA  channel in Youtube. Kababayan LA is a weekday tv program at Channel 18 (LA18, from 4:30-5pm) and Ms. Janelle So is the anchorwoman, bringing latest news about Filipinos living in the US.  

Kababayan LA is one of Channel 18 network’s (LA 18) programs serving the Filipino community in Southern California. LA 18 is the largest Asian language television station in the States serving not only Pinoys but also Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean communities since 1977.

If you find video clips that show Pinoys achievements/successes or Filipino spirit available in the internet (thru youtube), please dont hesitate to share it with me and Im happy to feature them in my blogsite. Any contribution and assistance to find these interesting stories will be acknowledged.

~ by reymos on July 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “ASAP 101: Amazing Stories About Pinoy”

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